Customer Review: Handmade Wedding Bands — Mare Finish

Ring details:

Left: 4.0mm width platinum950 wedding band with mare lathe finish

Right: 4.0mm 18k champagne gold wedding band with mare lathe finish

Allow us to introduce S-san's handmade platinum and champagne gold wedding bands.

The lovely couple had wanted a wider ring, so their rings were made in 4mm width, which is not on our regular menu.

*We started offering 4mm width as a regular menu item in May 2023*.

*We can prepare even widths that are not on the menu if you consult with us at least two weeks prior to your visit.

Putting on their aprons, the couple was set to begin!

After engraving, the metal strips are then bent into the ring shape. It requires quite a bit of strength so good luck!

As shaping with hands can be quite difficult, a wooden hammer is also used.

The pair worked together to carefully bend the rings.

Once the ring has been perfectly rounded, the next step would be to solder the ends together.

Our artisans will be handling the soldering process for platinum as a special oxygen burner is required.

The soldered rings

Next comes polishing.

A beautiful curve is added to the surface of the ring using a machine known as a lathe.

Read more about the lathe finishes here.

The smooth curves are made possible only by the use of specialised machines.

Here are their thoughts on the workshop experience:

I had made a 4mm platinum wedding ring. The craftsmen was very polite, and the entire process was very fun!
Thank you very much for making this experience a memorable one.

The artisan was very willing to help me when I could not do the engraving well, and had to re-do it. The ring turned out beautifully, and I'm glad that we went with Mitubaci. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for choosing us. Also, congratulations to the both of you on your marriage. We look forward to seeing you again.

The 4mm width ring with a strong presence, both of you, looked very good together. We were able to guide you smoothly when you came to the store, even though it was a custom-made width, because you had inquired via e-mail and LINE before coming to the store. We are always available for cleaning, so we hope to see you both out there again!

Customer Review: Handmade Wedding Bands — Mare Finish
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