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Handmade Engagement Ring Workshop
(Platinum / 18k Gold)

from ¥132,000a pair

MITUBACI is a modern rustic space that enables one to experience making their own engagement ring. The base price of the handmade engagement ring workshop covers the materials of the ring. This includes hand engraving, one center diamond and jewelry box. Customers may also consider crafting their wedding bands concurrently!

MITUBACI takes pride in our jewelry-crafting quality and methods and ensures that wedding jewelry forged with us can last for a lifetime.


Our artisans who have profound experience in order-made jewelry will guide you through the entire workshop on a one-to-one session for individuals and one-to-two session for pairs. From the metal selection to hand engraving, shaping and soldering, applying texture, and diamond setting, the whole process takes around 3 hours. The base price of this workshop includes a standard 0.2 carat diamond, and the best part is being able to create your one-of-a-kind jewelry in the world, complete it and wear it on the very same day!

Workshop Pricing

Factors determining the price of the workshop are the diamond carat and the inclusion of secret stones. The choice of metal, texture, and hand engraving do not incur additional costs.

Price of Engagement Ring

Ring with 0.2 carat diamond¥132,000
Ring with 0.3 carat diamond¥187,000
Ring with 0.5 carat diamond¥396,000
+ Secret Stones+¥5,500


0.2 carat (3.8mm± in diameter)
0.3 carat (4.3mm± in diameter)
0.5 carat (5.0mm± in diameter)

While the default diamond size for the workshop is 0.2 carat, feel free to let us know if you would prefer a larger diamond (e.g. 0.3 carat) for an enhanced presence.

Engagement rings made at MITUBACI are elegant with a simplicity that adds accents to your everyday life and befits every occasion.

All our diamonds are of triple excellent cut and are high ranking in symmetry, polish, and overall evaluation certified by the Certified Gemological Laboratory (CGI).

While workshop participants can complete most of the ring-making process by themselves, our artisans will take over the stone setting process as it is more complicated.


All our wedding jewelry is made with high quality precious metals: platinum and 18k gold (with 5 color variations to choose from).
All metals have the same base price.

Platinum 950

18k Yellow Gold
18k Champagne Gold
18k Rose Gold
18k Lime Gold



Hammered + Blasted
Choose from 5 unique textures to apply on your ring! The snowflake texture is highly recommended as it is aesthetically pleasing with both platinum and 18k gold. Coupled with the ring box, the brilliance of the diamond is further emphasized.


Hand engraving by metal stamps
Hand engraving by engraving machine
Similar to other workshop menu at MITUBACI, participants may engrave their names, special dates, or even messages by hand at no additional cost customers can choose between hand engraving with metal stamps for an enhanced handmade vibe (left) and hand engraving with engraving machine for a neater result (right).


Add a secret stone inside the ring!

January — GarnetFebruary — Amethyst
March — AquamarineApril — Diamond
May — EmeraldJune — Moonstone
July — RubyAugust — Peridot
September — SapphireOctober — Tourmaline
November — CitrineDecember — Tanzanite
Laser Engraving Other than hand engraving methods, one may also opt for professional laser engraving services. You may choose your desired font type and decide on the content of engraving, such as your names and anniversary date. As this technique takes time, the finished product may only be available for collection at a later date. Please feel free to inquire more on this service.



Are there after-sales services available?

リングのクリーニングはいつでも無料で行っております。初回のサイズ直しも無料です。 2回目は以降は基本料金5,500円で対応いたします。

Can I bring the handmade jewelry back on the same day?

Yes, handmade jewelry from our workshop can be completed and worn on the same day. In the case of stone setting services, please note that there will be an additional hour of waiting.

Do the rings come with a ring box?

Yes, we provide original ring boxes to customers who opt for handmade wedding bands and handmade engagement ring workshops.

How much does an engagement ring cost?

基本価格は132,000円からのご案内となり、ダイヤモンドのサイズにより価格が決まります。The ESTIMATED PRICING⠀function will help you understand the pricing better.


MITUBACI strives to create safe and enjoyable environment that caters to the comfort and needs of all visitors. Every visitor is attended to by artisans who specialize in customized wedding jewelry to understand your design requirement and provide appropriate advice in achieving your ideal jewelry.


Tokyu Den-en-toshi line (DT) / Setagaya line (SG)
1-minute walk from Sangenjaya Station

Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Sangenjaya

Operating Hours 09:30–18:30


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