MITUBACI TOKYO, established in 2011, is a jewelry workshop that offers quality made-to-order jewelry. Its management company Fujimori Pte Ltd., founded in 1970, specializes in custom-made jewelry.

In addition to quality craftsmanship, we expanded our business in 2019, specializing in providing first-hand jewelry-making experience to customers to date. Despite the years with COVID-19, the appreciation for handmade jewelry grew, locally and abroad.

Most if not all customers at MITUBACI TOKYO visit us to create jewelry that commemorates a special day or a memorable occasion, such as wedding rings or couple jewelry. Hence, our team does our best to support and provide them a wonderful time throughout their experience.

If you are interested in the things we do at MITUBACI TOKYO, please feel free to apply for a position with us or drop an inquiry.

Job Description

Your primary responsibilities include making jewelry, conducting jewelry-making workshops, and providing customer service. As our customers are from all over the world, your daily tasks are to create jewelry with them and receive them with a warm welcome.

In addition to providing customer service, you will also help to devise new and limited-time items, and promote them to customers.

You will also support affiliated brands in Singapore and Taiwan in jewelry-making and attend occasional business trips during promotional events overseas as a guest artisan.

English and Japanese Language Skills

Even though English-speaking skill is not mandatory, we welcome all who have studied abroad or can speak simple English. We want candidates who can interact positively and cheerfully with our global customers.

Foreign nationals residing in Japan are also welcome.
Please feel free to apply if you can speak Japanese well enough to communicate with our staff.

About Fujimori Pte Ltd

To date, our local businesses include MITUBACI TOKYO—a workshop space that offers first-hand jewelry-making experience; ADAM—a brand that works on bespoke orders, makeovers, and repair; and filum—a jewelry brand by our in-house designers. We also offer our jewelry-making services to other jewelry wholesale companies.

Our affiliated subsidiaries overseas are in Singapore and Taiwan.

For more information, please see the company profile.

Message from the Company President

Takashi Fujimori

President of Fujimori Pte Ltd, Jewelry Designer, Master of Business Design (MPD)

Born in Tokyo in 1976, he aspires to travel around the world on a budget. He has visited around 60 countries to date, including two round-the-world trips, one trip across Asia, a bicycle trip to Eastern Europe, and had climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

The brand name "MITUBACI" refers to "kiss me" in Italian. The naming came to me when I studied abroad in Italy around 20 years ago. I have always wanted to create jewelry that one cherishes and loves so much that one would kiss them.

MITUBACI TOKYO is a workspace where customers and craftsmen work together to create high-quality jewelry by hand. Leveraging on our 50-year expertise in jewelry-making, we offer first-hand jewelry-making experience and share with customers in greater detail about the art of jewelry-making without compromising on the quality of the product.

We strive to bring the joy, appreciation, and wonders of craftsmanship. We aspire to continue creating meaningful jewelry with everyone.

A Word from Our Artisan

Here is a short interview with one of our artisans:

Jun Yanaizumi

Joined in 2018

I have always loved detailed work since I was a child and wanted to become a craftsman. I pursued my passion and furthered my studies in this major. After graduation, I joined the company and helped out in other areas. In 2019, I focused mainly on MITUBACI TOKYO workshops.

My Thoughts Working at MITUBACI TOKYO

I find it rewarding to hear out the customers and create jewelry with them that meets their wishes! Seeing them smiling and satisfied gives me a sense of accomplishment every time.

Before this job, I had no experience traveling abroad and could barely speak English. I had the opportunity to travel to Singapore with a senior colleague for promotional events at our sister store. These opportunities are an eye-opener, and we overcame the language barrier and created jewelry with the customers.

A Message to Applicants

The craftsmen at MITUBACI TOKYO are patient and willing to teach. They are more than willing to guide you through everyday operations, and it is also easy to consult with them if you have any questions! We look forward to receiving your application!

Application Guidelines

Eligibility CriteriaPossess skills in jewelry-making or has experience in the jewelry industry.
*We welcome fresh graduates too!
SalaryFull-timer: From 200,000 yen/month for the first year
(fixed salary + performance-based adjustments, depending on experience)
Probation: 3 months. Overtime payment not included. Twice-a-year bonus.
Work Schedule5-day work week (shift-based, including national holidays)
9:30-18:30 (with 1 hour break)
Employee WelfareTransportation expenses
social insurance,
paid leave,
housing allowance (conditions apply),
maternity leave,
childcare leave,
shortened working hours (negotiable)
Work LocationTokyo, Setagaya-ku, 1-minute walk from Sangenjaya Station
Application DeadlineEnd of June 2023 (employment decision by the end of September).
We will do our best to accommodate your wishes regarding the timing of your entry into the company.

Flow of Applicant Selection

Please contact us separately for a workshop tour in advance. Questions are always welcome on LINE or by e-mail.

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