Is it possible to estimate the price of the rings?

Estimated Pricing function gives you an idea of the price of the rings.

Can I request for jewelry-making services not on the menu?

Please let us know ahead of time, and we will assess the possibility of fulfilling your request.

Can I leave the entire jewelry-crafting process to the artisans instead of doing it myself?

Other than workshops, we have ready-made engagement and wedding rings collections. Please let us know if you wish to view them.



Can I use my diamonds or precious metals to make the jewelry?

We regret to inform you that we are unable to fulfill these requests at MITUBACI.



Can I reschedule or cancel my appointment?

Yes, you may reschedule or cancel your appointment. We appreciate it if you could inform us ahead of time.

Can I attend the workshop alone?

Yes! Our artisans will guide you through the entire workshop process.

Can three or more people attend the workshop?

Yes, please let us know the number of participants ahead of time.

Can I bring a suitcase?

Yes, you may.

Is parking available?

We regret to inform you that we do not have a parking lot. You may wish to consider using parking lots nearby.

Can I test for metal allergy?

Allergy test rings⠀ are available. Please inform us if you are keen to borrow.

Can I take photos and videos at the atelier to be used for my wedding?

Yes, please feel free to take photos and videos at our atelier even with your wedding photographer. Our artisans are also most pleased to take commemorative photographs with you.

What are the after-sales services available?

Enjoy free ring cleaning and polishing services for the jewelry you crafted at MITUBACI!
We offer an initial resizing service for free. 
Resizing may take several working days.

Do you offer laser engraving?

スペシャルオーダーとなりますので、オプション追加料金(+¥3,300)で承っております。サンプルをご覧になりたい場合は当日お申し付けください。Please read this article for more information.

Is engraving free of charge?

はい、手打ち刻印と機械彫りによる文字入れは指輪の価格に含まれておりますので追加の料金はかかりません。お客様ご自身で刻印していただきますので、大変人気の工程となっております。ぜひご自身で刻印にチャレンジしてください。Please read this article for more information.





Can I make payment with credit card?


Feel free to contact us for more information.