MITUBACI from home

Make-from-home Hammered Texture Wedding Bands

Our well-loved MITUBACI handmade hammered texture wedding bands workshop can now be experienced in the comfort of your home! This course caters to those who wish to make their own quality wedding bands at their pace without worrying about time and those unable to visit our atelier.

How To Use Our Jewelry-making Kit


Order a jewelry-making kit

Order a kit and a trunk containing tools and ring samples will be shipped in 5 days.

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Decide on ring material and size

Measure your ring size with the finger gauge in the trunk and choose your favorite material (Platinum950 or 18kGold).

Scan the QR code provided and fill in the required information. MITUBACI veteran artisans will create a plain finish wedding band accordingly to the details you provided, including engravings (if any). Your rings will be shipped out within 5 days upon order and be delivered to your home.

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Apply textures and polish or mattify

Once you have received your plain rings, it is time for the main event: hammering. Use the hammer and texturing mandrel provided to texturize your plain rings.

After applying the hammered textures, you may choose to polish your rings with the polisher or mattify with the midget buff. The processes from hammering to applying finishes take around 30 minutes. We have prepared instruction videos to guide you along your DIY process.

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Handmade wedding bands completed!

Now you have a perfectly sized original and handmade wedding band while staying in the comfort of your home!
Please remember to return the tools to MITUBACI using the delivery slip provided within 10 days of receiving your plain rings.
Shipping costs will be borne by MITUBACI.


Our jewelry-making kit comprises a two-tiered trunk with tools required for making hammered texture rings. The upper tier contains sample rings for you to take a closer look at the metal color and finishes, and a gauge to measure the size of your finger. The lower tier contains the hammer, texturing mandrel, ring sizer mandrel, and tools used to polish or mattify your rings.


We have prepared a detailed instructional video covering every jewelry-making step to support you throughout. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to talk to our craftsmen online via Zoom for help.

3 Choice of Colors


Choose from 3 colors of metal. Whether it's classic platinum or shades of gold, all metals are of the same base price.

Platinum 950

18k Yellow Gold
18k Champagne Gold

Fondness Grew with Every Hit


The charm of this course is getting to make your very own wedding bands of high quality at your convenience. The hammered texture is the vital element in creating originality, as the textures turn out very different in different person's hands. Pouring feelings and effort into every hit of the hammer makes your fondness for your ring grow. You may decide if you want a polish finish, a matte finish, or a mixture of both!
Wedding Band

Polish Finish

Matte Finish

Engravings Managed by Artisans


Metal stamps
Engraving machine

Similar to MITUBACI workshops, we provide free engraving services for your jewelry. Choose either engraving with metal stamps or engraving machine. For this make-from-home course, our artisans will engrave the details in advance.


Out of all ring widths tried on by our customers at MITUBACI, 2.5mm width appears to be the most universal and compatible with all ages and gender. Larger ring sizes (size 21 to 30) are considered special orders and will incur an additional cost of 10%. Please consult with our artisans for more information.



MITUBACI jewelry-making kit is put together as an effort to produce zero waste. Everything besides the delivery slip is reusable: with a trunk that could be used repeatedly and also functions as the main packaging, and digitizing instruction manuals and warranty cards. For the sake of our planet home and future generations, we strive to conserve our planet's precious resources and seek better ways to protect our home.


自宅でできる結婚指輪 作例1

Handmade 18k Yellow Gold Wedding Band

18k yellow gold wedding band. The surface of the ring shines with every hit of the hammer and gives a glamorous look.

自宅でできる結婚指輪 作例2

Handmade Hammered and Matte Finish Wedding Band

Matte finish gives the ring a subdued impression. This option is perfect for those who wish their wedding jewelry to look subtle.

Handmade Platinum Hammered Wedding Bands

Platinum wedding bands are the most popular choice in Japan. They give a matching look even with different finishes.

Handmade 18k Champagne Gold Wedding Band

Champagne gold is another popular metal, paired with the most well-received hammered texture. The hammered finish reflects light in random directions, making this beautiful ring shine and sparkle.


MITUBACI from home

A pair from ¥132,000

MITUBACI handmade wedding rings workshop can now be experienced at home! This kit caters to those unable to visit MITUBACI due to various circumstances, such as long traveling distance and having a tight schedule. It allows you to work at your own pace and make your rings at the comfort of your homes or even as a part of your wedding ceremony programs! (Please note that the kit will be shipped in two batches.)


1st batch of shipment: sample rings and tools
(shipped within 5 days upon date of purchase of kit)

  • Ring samples (rental)
  • Finger gauge (rental)
  • Texturing mandrel (rental)
  • Ring sizer mandrel (rental)
  • Hammer (rental)
  • Polisher (rental)
  • Midget buff (rental)
  • Ring box (gift)

2nd batch of shipment: plain rings
(shipped within 5 days after confirmation of metal choice and ring sizes)

  • A pair of plain finish rings (2.5mm width in 18k gold/platinum)


  1. Measure your ring size with the finger gauge.
  2. Try on the ring samples and decide on your ring metal.
  3. Scan the attached QR code, enter your ring details, and our artisans will prepare plain rings accordingly and ship it to your specified address.
  4. Apply textures and finishes to your plain rings with tools provided in the trunk and you're done!
  5. Please return the tools, finger gauge, and ring samples to MITUBACI (MITUBACI will borne the cost of delivery.)

Handmade Wedding Bands

If you have any questions or concerns after watching the instructional videos, please contact us directly via ZOOM or email.

  • Time taken from ordering of kit to delivering the kit to you: around 5 days.
  • Time taken from receiving your ring details to delivering the base metal to you: around 5 days.

Since you can start working on your ring as soon as you received them, the minimum time from order to completion of your ring is at least about 10 days.

We regret to inform you that we do not accept cancellation after a kit order has been made. If you have any questions, please contact us at before ordering a kit.

In the unlikely event that the product is broken during production, we will replace it. We handle failed attempts differently depending on each case, so please contact us.失敗については内容により対応方法が変わりますので、まずはお問い合わせください。