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Founded half a century ago in Sangen-jaya, Tokyo, the pride of our craftsmanship stems from thoughts put into every ring and continues to flourish along with ever-changing times. Utilizing jewelry-crafting technologies since our founding, artisans who specialize in our custom-made jewelry brand—アダン (ADAM)—thoughtfully devised programmes for our workshops, assuring that every process is achievable even for beginners. These programmes also ensure that the jewelry crafted are of remarkable quality and long-lasting.


 "Mi tu baci” refers to “kiss me” in Italian and "honeybee" in Japanese. In addition to providing exquisite quality and workmanship, MITUBACI aspires to create meaningful jewelry that symbolizes everything dear and fond, that one can keep close to heart.


MITUBACI TOKYO is a subsidiary of FUJIMORI Pte. Ltd., specializing in wedding jewelry and hand-crafting rare semi-precious stones from around the world into fine artisan jewellery. The concept of bringing the art and culture of Japanese jewelry-making to the public is initiated by Takashi Fujimori, the 2nd generation founder and chief designer of the company who studied jewelry design in Florence, Italy. Mr. Takashi was inspired by the notion of prioritizing experiences over material things. Alongside the renowned reputation of "Made in Japan," MITUBACI TOKYO offers quality and enriching experiences that are popular with tourists and locals alike.

Choose Your Workspace


MITUBACI Atelier has an open space interior with a rustic and industrial concept. The raw concrete walls and wooden workbenches exude a balance of cool and warmth. Check out other handmade items and engage in delightful dialogues with our artisans as you work on your DIY jewelry.


MITUBACI Studio offers a more intimate space with warm and minimally decorated rooms: a smaller one for individuals/couples and a larger one for families/friends of up to 6 persons. These rooms can be reserved at no additional fee and are perfect if you want something more private. To book these rooms, please indicate in the Special Request/Comment box when you make your appointment.


新藤 研二

Kenji Shindo

Shindo-san is the chief craftsman at MITUBACI TOKYO. With the desire to make our customers' wishes come true, we have helped create many wedding rings! We have helped many customers make their wishes come true!

From Saitama
Interests: watches, inline skating, cycling, a delicious lunch

藤森 泰蔵

Taizo Fujimori

Channel setting requires precision and Taizo-san is the person for this role. He ensures that the claws that fasten the diamonds in place are secure, rounded, and shiny to enhance the brilliance of the stones further.

From Chiba
Interests: going for a drive

柳泉 純

Jun Yanaizumi

Yanaizumi-san is dexterous and courteous in attending to customers. She is the person to go to when one is curious about anything at the atelier!

From Kanagawa
Interests: Watching anime, movies and playing video games

鳥光 和樹

Kazuki Torimitsu

Torimitsu-san is known for his friendliness and warm customer service so that customers can relax and enjoy their workshop experience. He likes to work with finishing textures.

From Tokyo
Hobby: Workout

松浦 歳嗣

Toshitsugu Matsuura

A veteran craftsman with over 30 years of experience. He may be a man of few words, but he expresses himself through artistry—he loves animals and makes tiny and realistic silver animal charms by hand. He is also in-charge of guiding you through workshops.

From Yamaguchi

菅井 らら

Lala Sugai

It is my rewarding experience to see the happy faces of our customers in person. I will do my best to support you in giving shape to your ideas, so let's have a good time together.

From Tokyo
Hobby: Going out with dogs


Feel free to let us know in advance if you prefer to have language assistance! Our staff, Emma and Nishimura, depending on their availability, will do their best to assist you in English.


About the brand operator "Fujimori"

Fujimori was established in 1970 as a small jewelry atelier in Sangenjaya, Tokyo. Since then, we have committed to producing custom-made jewelry for ADAM, MITUBACI TOKYO, and many other brands. Our passion for quality is not limited to Japan. Beginning with the opening of our flagship store in Singapore, we have been transmitting our aspirated craftsmanship and unique design to the rest of the world.

Our overseas sister workshops

Bringing afforable fine jewellery to the craft tables worldwide. Please visit our sister stores near you too!

KOBO, Singapore

Sunny Side Studio, Taiwan


MITUBACI TOKYO is 1 minute on foot from Sangenjaya station.
Before visiting us, please find the easiest route for you!

Tokyu Den-en-toshi line (DT) / Setagaya line (SG)
1-minute walk from Sangenjaya Station

Tokyo, Setagaya City, Sangenjaya
2 Chome−14−10 #407

Open hours 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • 4 minutes from Shibuya
  • 10 minutes from Harajuku and Omotesando
  • 20 minutes from Ginza and Roppongi area