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FUJIMORI was established in 1970 in Sangenjaya, Setagaya, Tokyo. FUJIMORI is a jewelry brand that is centered in a workshop and produces jewelry with a focus on the craftsman style, in which artisans consistently produce jewelry throughout the entire process.

Kenji Fujimori, the founder of FUJIMORI, trained under a Japanese artisan to master the art of metal sculpting. He furthered his studies at École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, opened his workshop, and started making his original jewelry when he returned to Japan. Since 2005, the company is managed by the second generation entrepreneur Takashi Fujimori, who studied jewelry design and production in Florence, Italy, and has received numerous design awards.

In addition to MITUBACI, the company also directly manages other jewelry brands ADAM and filum, and the jewelry are being sold in department stores and specialty stores. We have also expanded our brand and services to Singapore in 2012 and to Taiwan in 2023.

Our Philosophy: Wadukuri

FUJIMORI's jewelry creates a good circle for people and society

VISION - Social Goals

To create a company and society where people of all generations, environments, and circumstances, from children to the elderly, can connect with others, not be lonely, and live joyfully and positively.

MISSION - Social Mission

We value the value of jewelry that has been accumulated by mankind for 5,000 years, polish our professional skills and respective charms to create jewelry with confidence, and build human relationships that our employees, their families and their friends, and our customers, their families and their friends can enjoy and be happy through jewelry.


President of Fujimori Pte Ltd, Jewelry Designer, Master of Business Design (MPD)

Born in Tokyo in 1976. His life's work is overseas budget travel. He has visited about 60 countries, including two round-the-world trips, a cross-Asia trip, a bicycle trip to Eastern Europe, and a climb up Kilimanjaro.

1995Graduated from University of Tsukuba Senior High School
2000B.A. in Social Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, International Christian University
Worked for an IT consulting company
Study in Florence, Italy Alchimia (contemporary jewelry school), Perseo (Florentine school of traditional engraving)
2004Bottega Fujimori Ltd. established.
2010Fujimori Corporation established.
2012Completed Graduate School of Project Design


2008JJA Jewelry Design Award (Japan Jewelry Association) Newcomer Excellence Award
2009JJA Jewelry Design Award (Japan Jewelry Association), Governor of Tokyo Award Honorable Mention and Chairman's Award, Japan Jewelry Designers Association
2010Honorable Mention, Japan Jewelry Designers Association Honorable Mention, Japan Jewelry Art Exhibition
2013Honorable Mention, Japan Jewelry Designers Association
2014Honorable Mention, Japan Jewelry Designers Association


Tokyu Den-en-toshi line (DT) / Setagaya line (SG)
1-minute walk from Sangenjaya Station

Tokyo, Setagaya City, Sangenjaya
2 Chome−14−10 #407
TEL: 03-5787-8238