Craftsmen teach the secrets of making handmade rings

MITUBACI TOKYO's Ring Making Class
Creating A Shared Experience with Your Beloved

Jewelry-making can be accomplished even for those with zero experience!
Our veteran artisans are here to guide you through the entire process.

Key points of our workshop

Handmade Wedding Bands Challenge


This couple has signed up for our handmade wedding bands workshop! Under the guidance of our veteran artisan Hiromi-san, let's see what we can achieve in just a few hours!

In the Heart of Sangenjaya

MITUBACI TOKYO is a 1-minute walk from Sangenjaya station (only 4 minutes from Shibuya by train), located on the 4th level of the retro-looking Royal Mansion building.


Design Consultation

Before getting started, you will be shown some jewelry samples. After deciding on your designs, you're good to get started!

The Making Begins

Start of production

Once you have decided on the material and color of your ring, our artisan will prepare a strip of metal—the very material used to make your ring. Repeatedly applying pressure to the metal strip through the Tanzo process in this workshop increases its density along with durability, thus ensuring your jewelry to last a lifetime.

30 Minutes In


Engrave on the metal strip with either metal stamps or hand engraving by machine. You may choose to make your own ring or exchange with your partner!

1 Hour In


The metal strip is bent with a wooden hammer around a ring mandrel. Once it takes the shape of a ring, the metal is further compressed with a ring stretcher to increase its durability, which is achievable only through the Tanzō forging method.

The soldering process comes next and closes up the gap in the ring. At this stage, workshop participants will be able to experience handling the torch under close guidance by our veteran artisans.

※ Please note that the soldering of Platinum 950 will be handled by the artisans solely.

Achieving The Perfect Fit

You will be asked to try on the ring during the DIY processes. This ensures you to achieve a better fit than when you purchase ready-made rings!

2 Hours In

Filing and Sanding


More tools are used to smoothen the surfaces of your ring.

2 Hours 30 Minutes In


You will then apply your desired textures to the plain ring.

What's Popular?

The hammered texture is one of the most popular textures. You and your partner can choose to work on each other's ring!

If you wish to have diamonds or other stones set into the stone, our craftsmen will work on it with great care.

Same day pickup even with gemstone setting

Our strength is that we are a real jewelry workshop that usually makes custom-made wedding rings. Because we have professional craftsmen, authentic equipment, and a diverse inventory of gemstones at all times, we are able to offer same-day finishing of stone clasps that other similar classes cannot provide.

3 Hours In


And your rings are completed and can be put on right away!

Artisans teach how to handmake wedding rings
Who would've thought that a pair of wedding bands can be completed within a day! These rings could just become the talk of the wedding ceremony; not to mention the rings' fine quality and how time-saving the process was in the midst of other wedding preparations. To top it all, this memorable experience, too, will last a lifetime.

Post-Workshop Ideas

Thriving with a diversity of local cuisines and stylish cafés, spend some time checking out the streets of Sangenjaya wearing your handmade jewelry!

Wedding Bands

Total amount for the above session: ¥187,000 (tax inclusive)


Hammered champagne gold wedding band

Champagne gold hammered wedding band

Champagne gold with hammered texture wedding band. The gentle hue of champagne gold is a gold that blends easily with most skin tones.

Timeless Engagement Ring

Our engagement rings come with a round brilliant cut diamond. You may choose from 0.2 carat, 0.3 carat, and 0.5 carat.

Ice Blue Diamond Silver Ring

A silver ring with an ice blue diamond and engraving on the surface. Make your own design arrangements to create an original piece of jewelry.

Pendants with Tanzanite and Aquamarine

How about making a pair of pendants with your partner’s birthstone for your anniversary? You may choose to have more than one stone on your jewelry!


Yes! Most of our customers do not have prior experience in jewelry-making. Our artisans will guide you through and help you with the more difficult processes.
We will measure your ring size on the day you visit us to ensure that it fits your finger perfectly.
You will get to practice hand engraving before working on the actual metal.
Compared to wax-casting, the tanzou jewelry-making processes adopted for our workshops increase the durability of your wedding rings and ensure your ring lasts a lifetime.
Also, for an enhanced aesthetic, we also offer the option of Senban Finishes where our artisans use the lathe machine to work on the finishing touches of your jewelry.

Yes, please feel free to take photos and videos at our atelier even with your wedding photographer. Our artisans are also most pleased to take commemorative photographs with you.

Yes, all handmade jewelry courses are designed so that you can take them home on the same day, even if you are traveling or otherwise have limited time. Workshops that can be completed on the same day, even with the addition of diamonds, birthstones, and other options, are rare in Japan, and are unique to MITUBACI TOKYO, where artisans are always on hand.

Please let us know ahead of time, and we will assess the possibility of fulfilling your request.


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