Twist processing of handmade wedding rings

One of the options to change the shape of a wedding band is the "twist" process. We will explain it in detail with pictures.

Twist Processing Process

Prepare materials according to ring size

Prepare the material according to the size of the ring. Calculate the finished product and cut out the necessary amount from a long sheet of metal.

Prepare the ring joint.

The tip of the material cut out is pointy.

To ensure that the ring can be welded beautifully when it is formed into a ring, it should be slightly angled and ground flat.

Mark the twist position

Make a mark in the center of the material, and then make another mark at the same length from there.

In this way, the material is secured and positioned for twisting.

Set in a vise

Fix the marked locations in a vise.


Twist the other marked side between the pliers and rotate it 180 degrees.

Double Twist

For a double twist, make a 360-degree turn.

The length of the part to be twisted is the same for both twisted and double twisted.

Twist and double twist ring in platinum


The twist ring on the left side is a matted design. The twisted part is not matted, creating a beautiful accent.

The double twist on the ring on the right side gives the ring a chunky and cute look.

You can choose the atmosphere you like.

Twist processing of handmade wedding rings
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