Tools used for letter engraving and metal engraving

Free engraving on handmade rings

We have previously discussed brand engraving (see

Brand engraving is done by a craftsman, but this time we will talk about text engraving, which is done by customers in the workshop.

Imprint available in MITUBACI


MITUBACI offers uppercase alphabets A to Z and numbers 0 to 9.

Symbols & Marks

In addition to the common "・", "-", "&", and "♡ (heart)".

We have "to", "∞", "☆ (star)", "☺ (smiley face)", "cherry blossom", and "Fujiyama" available.

Engraving of cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji is popular among overseas customers.

Engraving size

Because we use smaller engraving for platinum and gold rings, even the thinnest 1.7 mm wide rings can be selected for hand engraving.

The right photo below shows the engraving for platinum and gold rings, and the left photo shows the engraving for silver rings.

I'm afraid I'll fail." I am often told, "I am afraid I will fail.

When I explain this to customers, they often say, "I'm afraid I'm going to fail. I am afraid I will fail.

Rest assured that we will practice on a silver plate first before engraving on the real material.

Even if they fall apart a little, it's okay because they are so cute.

If you hit it upside down or it sticks out, it will take a little time, but our craftsmen will melt it with a laser to correct it, so please don't be too scared.

Hand-engraving is a bit difficult, but it is a fun process, so we encourage everyone to give it a try!

Tools used for letter engraving and metal engraving
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