Handmade wedding band with side textures

MITUBACI handmade wedding rings can be textured not only on the front of the ring, but also on the sides of the ring. By adding patterns to the sides of the ring as well, the jewelry will have a different look depending on the angle, resulting in a unique design.

Even a plain ring with no pattern on the surface can have a slightly different atmosphere if a little pattern is seen on the side. This design is recommended for those who want to accentuate the simplicity of the ring.

Plain + Side Forester

This is a handmade wedding band in platinum. The surface is smooth and plain, and the sides are textured with a foresta.

Handmade wedding band in K18 pink gold and K18 yellow gold.

Both have a plain surface finish, but the yellow gold one is blasted (brushed).

Plain + Snowflake

Handmade wedding band in platinum. It has a snowflake texture on the side.

Texture + Side Texture

You can also choose different textures for the surface and sides.

The left photo shows the most popular hammered surface, and the sides are hammered forester.

In the right photo, the surface has a textured surface called Stella and the sides have matching foresta.

How to insert side textures

After shaping the ring into a circle, the pattern is gently applied with a hammer.


Q1. Are side textures extra?

A1. No, there is no extra charge.

Q2: Can I put a different pattern on each side?

A2. Yes, we can.

Q3. Can you add side textures to a lathe design ring?

A3. This is not recommended because the ring will be distorted.

Q4. Can you add side textures to a twisted ring?

A4. Yes, you can. Since the pattern is made by twisting and then looping, the pattern will not appear on the sides of the twisted part.

Handmade wedding band with side textures
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