Handling of Personal Information

MITUBACI (hereinafter referred to as "MITUBACI") deeply recognizes the importance of personal information entrusted to us by our customers and promotes the protection of personal information by establishing the following personal information protection policy, building a system for protecting personal information, and ensuring that all of our employees recognize the importance of protecting personal information and take appropriate measures to do so.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

MITUBACI may collect personal information from you in accordance with this Privacy Policy or as agreed upon with you for the following purposes

  1. To provide visit reservation services
  2. For product shipment and after-sales service
  3. To send materials upon request
  4. To respond to consultations and inquiries
  5. To provide information on products, services and events

We will collect and use personal information in a lawful and fair manner, and will not handle personal information beyond the purpose of use that has been clarified in advance.

By entering your WhatsApp registered phone number when using our reservation service, you agree to receive WhatsApp notifications, which will be used to confirm your reserved services and send you event reminders.

Protection and management of personal information

MITUBACI will strive to ensure the accuracy of personal information collected from customers within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use, and the person in charge will strictly manage and handle such information to prevent its loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, etc.

Distribution of Advertisements

MITUBACI uses Google Ads, a third-party advertising service. The ad-serving provider may use cookies to display advertisements based on user interests.

For more information on cookie disabling settings and Google Ads, please see "Advertising - Policies and Terms - Google".

Third parties may provide content and advertising, collect information directly from visitors, and set or recognize cookies on visitors' browsers.

About Access Analysis Tools

MITUBACI uses Google Analytics, an access analysis tool by Google. This Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data. This traffic data is collected anonymously and does not personally identify you. You can refuse the collection of this feature by disabling cookies, so please check your browser settings.For more information on these terms and conditions, please click here.

Ensure that subcontractors

MITUBACI may outsource a part of the management and operation of our business to a subcontractor in order to enhance our services. In such cases, MITUBACI will ensure that the subcontractors manage the information appropriately to prevent leakage or unauthorized access of your personal information.

Disclosure of Personal Information

MITUBACI will not disclose personal information collected from customers to third parties other than our affiliates, subcontractors, and business partners, except when there is a legitimate reason to do so. However, MITUBACI may disclose your personal information without your consent if required to do so by law, or if required to do so by a court of law, the police, or other public agency.

Correction and suspension of use of personal information

Upon request from the customer, MITUBACI will correct or change the customer's personal information or suspend its use after confirming the customer's identity.

Contact for inquiries regarding personal information

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MITUBACI Division, Fujimori Corporation
tel: 03-5787-8238