Engagement rings and wedding bands are one of the most significant purchases we make in our lives. While the prices of rings are tagged differently based on their brands, designs, manufacturing process, etc., we believe that their greatest value lies in putting one's heart into making them.

At MITUBACI TOKYO, all materials, artisan's instructions and tax included with no hidden fees. Even the lowest priced course is made using the forging method to give it a solid and rigid feel. We do not charge an additional fee for differences in surface finish or the market markups of precious metals at the time of your visit. Therefore, you can see the final price of your ring on our website.

Our straightforward and reasonable pricing,  while ensuring the high quality of materials and workmanship, is motivated by our pleasure in being a part of and our respect for our customers’ important life journeys.

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In the handmade wedding ring course, both platinum and 18k gold are priced the same. It is not necessary to decide on your ring width at the time of booking. You may decide after visiting in person and trying on our ring samples. Please note that larger sizes incur additional costs: +10% fee for sizes 20.5 to 25, +20% fee for sizes 25.5 to 30. Even larger sizes will be considered a custom order, so please drop us an inquiry for pricing.


Ring 1

Select ring width
No difference in material cost
Free of charge
Not applicable to 3.5mm+ or lathe finish
Add diamond to the outer wall of your ring
Add a hidden gem to the inner wall of your ring
Select your choice of engraving

Ring 2

Select ring width
No difference in material cost
Free of charge
Not applicable to 3.5mm+ or lathe finish
Add diamond to the outer wall of your ring
Add a hidden gem to the inner wall of your ring
Select your choice of engraving
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    Yes, we will inform you of the total price before you proceed with the workshop. If you have a specific budget in mind, please do not hesitate to let us know in advance and we will work around your budget. Feel free to consult with us via e-mail, phone call, or drop an inquiry here.

    Yes! Most of our customers do not have prior experience in jewelry-making. Our artisans will guide you through and help you with the more difficult processes.
    We will measure your ring size on the day you visit us to ensure that it fits your finger perfectly.
    You will get to practice hand engraving before working on the actual metal.
    Compared to wax-casting, the tanzou jewelry-making processes adopted for our workshops increase the durability of your wedding rings and ensure your ring lasts a lifetime.
    Also, for an enhanced aesthetic, we also offer the option of Senban Finishes where our artisans use the lathe machine to work on the finishing touches of your jewelry.

    MITUBACI's handmade wedding rings are created by professional craftsmen who will guide you from start to finish. In the unlikely event that mistakes occur, our craftsmen will be there to fix it at no additional fees.

    Senban Finish

    Senban finishes are achieved by precision cutting using the lathe machine. Workshop participants will complete jewelry-making processes such as engraving and forming the shape of the ring. Our veteran artisans then work on the finishing touches comparable to a custom order ring. These finishes are perfect for you if you wish to make your own jewelry and achieve an impeccable finish. (Please note that the various senban designs are applicable to different ring widths under 3.5mm and plain surfaces only.)



    The sides of the ring are gently shaved to create a rounded surface. The oval contour is a timeless classic with a gentle impression. Given its simplicity and comfort, it is the most popular senban design.



    Mare refers to "sea" in Italian. With a concave contour, it reminds one of the ebb and flow of waves.
    * Compatible with ring widths from 2.5mm to 3.5mm.



    The ring is shaved from the center to the sides at an oblique angle, revealing a contour similar to the peak of a mountain.



    Add more character to your senban contours with a single groove in the center of your ring as an accent. Recommended to pair the design with a single diamond.

    Center Milgrain


    Add more character to your senban contours with the classic and vintage milgrain detailing in the center.

    Side Milgrain


    Add more character to your senban contours with the classic and vintage milgrain detailing one or both edges of your ring (the price remains the same for one-sided milgrain).
    * Compatible with ring widths from 2.0mm to 3.5mm.

    Twist Finish


    The twist finish adds a subtle accent to your ring design. Resembling a wave and a ribbon, this finish is elegant matted, polished, or combined.
    You may also opt for double twists at no additional charge!
    *This option cannot be applied on senban finishes and ring widths above 3.5mm. Twist Finish double twist

    Diamond Add-on


    Adding diamond(s) to your ring makes it shine more brilliantly. Choose from 4 different diamond colors to suit your personality.

    White DiamondIce Blue Diamond
    Green DiamondBlack Diamond
    • Stone setting takes around 1~1.5 hours. If you are pressed for time after the workshop, please let us know and we will schedule for delivery at a later date.
    • All diamonds are natural.
    Pink diamonds (estimate on request) are also available. Please let us know in advance if you wish to have it.

    4-point setting

    Flower Setting

    Opt for the flower setting to adorn your jewelry further.

    * Cannot be used in conjunction with lathe turning. 2.0 mm or wider ring widths are supported.

    Star Setting


    This is a technique in which diamonds are fastened to the ring using a special tool called a Tagane (chisel). The star-shaped decoration around the stone makes the diamond look more gorgeous and larger.

    * Cannot be used in conjunction with lathe turning. 2.5 mm or wider ring widths are supported.

    Stone Setting Option
    (Secret Stone)

    Add more meaning to your jewelry with secret stones set on the inner wall of your ring!


    *Diamonds, ruby, sapphire, and emerald +¥16,500.

    January — GarnetFebruary — Amethyst
    March — AquamarineApril — Diamond *
    May — Emerald *June — Moonstone
    July — Ruby *August — Peridot
    September — Sapphire *October — Tourmaline
    November — CitrineDecember — Tanzanite

    Stone setting takes additional 1~1.5 hours after you complete making your jewelry. If you have a tight schedule, please inform our staff and we can arrange for delivery of your items at a later date.

    Laser Engraving


    Laser engraving requires additional time. Choose the font of your choice from our selection. Chinese characters and emojis are also available.

    Click here to learn more.

    Handwritten Engraving


    You can also laser-engrave your handwriting or hand-drawn illustrations! Please prepare your data in advance and send us the scanned data or draw it when you visit our store. Please note that data given to us on the spot requires additional time.

    Pixel art engraving


    Design your pixel art in a 16 x 16 grid and have it engraved on your jewelry. Please submit your design at least 3 days before your visit.

    For more information, please visit the Pixel Art Engraving blog.

    *Pixel art engraving is available for rings with a width of 3.0 mm or more.