Introduction of laser engraving that can draw Kanji characters and illustrations on wedding rings.

Hello, this is Maki, a craftsman from MITUBACI. Today I would like to talk about laser marking (laser engraving).

When you hear that a ring is engraved with a laser, you may not have a clear image of what it looks like. So, I would like to introduce some questions we are often asked when we guide customers through the process at the store.

What is a laser marker?

A laser marker is a machine that uses the heat of a laser beam to engrave marks and letters. MITUBACI's laser marker is the large black machine located just inside the MITUBACI workshop.

In which process of ring making is laser letter engraving done?

Laser engraving is done before the ring is finished (final polishing). Some customers may think that the word "laser" means a laser beam like in a science fiction movie, but in reality, the laser is emitted from a large lens inside the machine only at the moment the letters are engraved, and only sparks are emitted when the laser strikes the ring. However, since the engraving is done with enough heat to vaporize the metal, smoke is emitted while the engraving is in progress.

Large Lens

How do you engrave the text on the inside of the ring?

When setting a ring on the laser marker, it is fixed with a special jig.
Grip the ring firmly from the outside with the three claws. Tilt the ring just slightly (about 20°) because it is impossible to aim the laser at the inside of the ring if it remains vertical.
In addition to changing the angle, this jig can also rotate a fixed ring.
This function allows the engraving of letters by rotating the ring one letter at a time.

Angle scale

Can any material be laser engraved?

For the models in MITUBACI, it is possible to engrave letters if the material is metal. Since the hardness and properties vary depending on the material, the output power of the laser emitted from the laser marker is changed.
MITUBACI handles three major types of metals. In order of laser power, they are: platinum > K18 gold > silver.

In addition to the power, the number of times to engrave is set for each material. The reason for this is that if you try to engrave with high power in a single pass, the letters (outlines) will not be engraved cleanly and the inside of the engraved letters will look messy and dirty.

The name plates that MITUBACI craftsmen and staff wear are made of aluminum and were created with this laser marker.

I heard that some laser marker models can process materials other than metal, but unfortunately, the models handled by MITUBACI cannot engrave.
Between you and me, I tried to change various settings and somehow put letters on the wood while I was at work, but it turned black and burnt out.

Laser irradiation in progress

What fonts (typefaces) are popular?

The laser marker used in laser lettering is created on a computer. Although we can put in any font that is available on the computer, there are too many different types of fonts for our customers to choose from.
A variety of typefaces are available, from well-designed writing styles to typefaces that are easy to read, even for small kanji characters.

The font (typeface) that is most often seen in customer service and production is Mincho, which we call "Font C" at MITUBACI.

Kanji characters and illustrations can also be laser-engraved!

We have received requests from customers to put letters other than Japanese or the alphabet on their rings, and we think we can meet their requests as long as the fonts are originally included in the computer or are free materials available on the Internet.

MITUBACI TOKYO workshops are also popular among travelers from overseas. There is an increasing number of requests for engraving Japanese characters such as hiragana and kanji as a memory of their visit to Japan, and for engraving pictographs, which originated in Japan and have become popular worldwide. The use of lasers makes it possible to precisely engrave even the finest lines, and this has been gaining popularity in recent years.

Kanji characters popular among travelers from abroad

KanjiEnglish translationDetails
LoveIt is a symbol of love and marriage that unites two hearts and promises an everlasting bond.
BeautyLike the falling petals of cherry blossoms, it embodies the delicate Japanese sense of beauty.
WindIt carries the breath of new beginnings and the strength of nature.
ProgressIt expresses a strong will to always aim high.
HarmonyIt expresses the harmony between nature and people that symbolizes Japan.
WayLike a light illuminating the journey of life, it provides clear direction and wisdom.
ResonanceIt has a strong influence that resonates deeply in the heart like the echoes over the mountains.
FlowerLike cherry blossoms in full bloom, it represents beauty and the radiance of life.
DreamIt reflects the hopes and wishes that lie deep within.
JourneyIt conveys the joy of discovery and adventure encountered along the way.

Popular pictograms

Below is a list of popular pictograms at MITUBACI TOKYO. We can also handle illustrations other than those listed below, but data preparation is required, so please let us know at the time of reservation if you have a specific engraving request.

Can you engrave a handwritten style or a unique logo on the ring?

Illustrations, logos, handwritten letters and drawings can be engraved on rings if you can create the data on your computer. However, some designs cannot be engraved if the lines are too thin, or if they are complicated, they may be difficult to read.

Example of laser engraving a handwritten font
Introduction of laser engraving that can draw Kanji characters and illustrations on wedding rings.
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