Preparation for ring making

Most of our MITUBACI customers prefer a workshop where they can make their own rings. There are a few things that our artisans can do to prepare our customers for a smooth production process. Here is a brief list.

Stretching metal with a roller

In MITUBACI, you can choose the width of your ring from 1.7mm/2.0m/2.5mm/3.0mm/3.5mm/4mm/5mm.

Prepare the material according to the width you have chosen. This is a tool called a "roller" that crushes and stretches the metal.

The tools used in MITUBACI are the manual type, but there are also electrically powered tools available.

Cutting out materials

A sheet of metal is run over with a roller and cut to the customer's size.

Depending on the texture, the metal may stretch more and more as it is processed, so adjust accordingly for the finish.

Handle the edges of the material

If the material is cut out with nippers, shave the tip with a file. By shaving it flat and at a slight angle, it will fit snugly when shaped into a ring.

In many cases, after the customer has decided on a design, the craftsmen are busy working on something.

Once these tasks are completed, the customer's work will finally begin. Together we will create a beautiful ring!

Preparation for ring making
Experience the handmade.

All of MITUBACI handmade jewelry courses are conducted by professional artisans.
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