Tools for Sukoya and Engraving

I am Shindo, a craftsman of Sukoya MITUBACI. This time, I would like to introduce "Sukoya".
It is used to draw right angles and to check right angles.
It is also used to draw precise vertical lines.
In a small world like jewelry, you probably don't need that many, but it is a useful tool to have one.
This is necessary for checking when brazing wire at right angles.
There is a difference between using a scoya and not using a scoya.
The human eye is much more accurate than you think.

Of course, it is an indispensable tool for accurately drawing lines when cutting out the base metal (sheet metal).
There are smaller squawkers, but I think this size is just right.

Incidentally, the word "Sukoya" is said to be derived from the English word "Square," meaning right angle.


Although not engraved on the sukoya in the photo, some of the larger sukoyas did indeed have the name "Square" engraved on them.

I looked to see if there were any other tools with the same accent and Japanese reading, and found a surprising tool.

It was a caliper that is indispensable for measuring the width of the ring.

The name of the Portuguese mathematician Petrus Nonius, who is said to have given the caliper a scale (nonius), became caliper in Japan with an accent.

In English, it seems to be called a "vernier caliper" after Pierre Vernier, the Frenchman who perfected the caliper structure for accurate reading.
I learned about it for the first time.

Both are interesting names for people, even if they are called differently.

A caliper is such a tool.

Tools for Sukoya and Engraving
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