Artisan-made Engagement Ring

Instead of attending the workshop, let our team of professional artisans create your engagement rings on your behalf and deliver them to you! MITUBACI Tokyo believes that high quality bridal jewelry does not always have to be expensive. Our made-to-order service ensures that even high quality engagement ring can be made at reasonable pricing. This service caters to those who wants good quality and convenience, and those who are unable to attend our workshop. We promise to deliver a keepsake that lasts for a lifetime.

Flow of Order


Check your ring size and desired design

We lend out our ring gauge and design samples for free. Measure your ring size with the ring gauge and decide on the design of your ring. Choose your favorite material from platinum 950 to shades of 18k gold. In the unlikely event that your ring is not a perfect fit, rest assured we can resize your ring for free the first time! If you do not require a ring gauge or design samples, please proceed to the next section.

The one and only handmade engagement ring for the one you love

Decide your order content

Choose your surface finish, type and content of engraving, and if you want other add-on options such as lathe finish, birthstones, and more. All options are listed on our Engagement Ring Making Class. Feel free to use our price simulator function to get an idea of the cost of making your engagement ring!

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Order online

Fill up our order forms to place your order. Our artisans start making your rings upon receiving your order. Your rings will be delivered to you within 3 weeks. We accept payment by various credit cards.

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Your order will be delivered to the designated address

Your made-to-order rings will be delivered to your home or your designated address. If you have rented our ring gauge and ring samples, please return them to us within 10 days using the slip provided (shipping costs will be borne by MITUBACI).

After-sales Services

MITUBACI provides lifetime warranty and maintenance services to your wedding bands and engagement rings. Polishing, cleaning, and touching up the finishes of your jewelry are free of charge. Resizing is free for the first time and chargeable for subsequent times. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about caring for your jewelry. Visit here for more details.



Width 1.7mm











Japan Tax-free Shop

Enjoy Tax-free Shopping With Us!

Temporary visitors may enjoy tax-free shopping (10%) with us by presenting your original passport on the day of purchase.


MITUBACI engagement rings are made with natural diamonds of the grades used in our custom-made products. 0.1 ct. to 0.3 ct. diamond grades are available in F color or better, SI-1 or better, and triple excellent or better. 0.5 ct. is available to suit your budget. You can choose the grade of diamond that best fits your budget. A certificate of authenticity is also provided as a proof of quality.
Diamonds are measured by international standards called the 4Cs, which are an objective way of evaluating diamonds: Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut.

A carat is a unit of weight of a diamond; one carat is 0.2 grams. MITUBACI Tokyo offers 0.1ct, 0.2ct, 0.3ct, and 0.5ct diamonds.

Diamonds are classified between D (colorless) and Z (light yellow); MITUBACI Tokyo offers diamonds with F color or higher, which is classified as "colorless".

Clarity is an evaluation of a diamond's transparency. It is broadly divided into six categories. In descending order of evaluation, they are FL, IF, VVS, VS, SI, and I. They are further divided within each category, comprising a total of 11 grades.

The GIA Diamond Clarity Scale has six categories, some of which are subdivided, totaling to 11 grades.

MITUBACI Tokyo offers diamonds that are SI-1 (inclusions can be seen under 10x magnification) or higher.

Cut is an evaluation of a diamond's balance, symmetry, and polish. While color and clarity are the innate properties of a diamond, cut is an evaluation of the workmanship. The cut is divided into five grades: Excellent, the highest grade available at MITUBACI Tokyo, and Triple Excellent, the highest grade for overall evaluation, symmetry, and polish.

  • Diamonds of 0.2 ct. or more come with a certificate of authenticity booklet from the CGI. While diamonds of 0.1 ct. do not come with a certificate of authenticity booklet, a simple certificate of authenticity is available upon request.
  • While workshop participants can complete most of the ring-making process by themselves, our artisans will take over the stone setting process as it is more complicated.
  • All diamonds provided by MITUBACI Tokyo are natural diamonds.


Choose your ring from five colors and metal types. Whatever your choice, there is no additional charge!

Platinum 950

18k Yellow Gold
18k Champagne Gold
18k Rose Gold
18k Lime Gold


Personalize your wedding bands with textures! While these textures are also available on our handmade wedding bands workshop menu, they are more uniform, elaborate, and refined in the hands of our craftsmen!


Metal Stamp Engraving
Machine Engraving

Enjoy our free engraving service. Choose between metal stamps for an enhanced handmade vibe and an authentic engraving machine for a neater result.


Customize your ring further with the following options available at our handmade jewelry workshops!

Senban finishes are achieved by precision cutting using the lathe machine. Workshop participants will complete jewelry-making processes such as engraving and forming the shape of the ring. Our veteran artisans then work on the finishing touches comparable to a custom order ring. These finishes are perfect for you if you wish to make your own jewelry and achieve an impeccable finish. (Please note that the various senban designs are applicable to different ring widths under 3.5mm and plain surfaces only.)
* Mare: Applicable to widths between 2.5 mm - 3.5 mm
* Side Milgrain: Applicable to widths between 2.0 mm - 3.5 mm

You can request our skilled artisans to create wedding bands and engagement ring on your behalf for a nominal fee on top of our handmade wedding bands pricing! This service offers high quality wedding bands at reasonable pricing. Your rings will be crafted by professional artisans who deal with made-to-order bridal jewelry on a daily basis. At MITUBACI, we believe that high quality bridal jewelry does not always have to be expensive. Even if you live far away, you may consult in our artisans online!Learn More

Custom-made Japanese Wedding Rings

Wedding rings made at home Example 1

Handmade Hammered 18k Yellow Gold Wedding Band

Hammered texture wedding band in yellow gold with a polished finish makes the wedding band look classic and gorgeous.

Wedding rings made at home Example 2

Handmade Hammered 18K Champagne Gold Wedding Band

Matte finish gives the ring a subdued impression. This option is perfect for those who wish their wedding jewelry to look subtle.

Handmade Hammered Platinum Wedding Band

Platinum wedding bands are the most popular choice in Japan. They give a cohesive look even with different finishes.

Handmade Hammered 18k Champagne Gold Wedding Band

Champagne gold is another popular material. With a hammered texture and polished finish, the wedding band gives off a warm and mellow shine.



We lend design samples and ring gauges to interested parties for free.


The price simulator allows you to find out the price of your ring. You can also place your order as you toggle the simulator.




Credit / Debit Card Required

The engagement ring was custom made.
Customer Reviews

Premium wedding ring quality rings

F-san from Kanagawa

Although we placed our order online, we were very satisfied with our purchase! Thank you for your thoughtful support through phone and email. Our rings were completed on the requested date and time, and they turned out lovelier and more special than we had hoped. We hope to have another opportunity to purchase with you again!

Handmade wedding rings to celebrate the beginning of a couple's life together.

A-san from Tokyo

Thank you very much for making such beautiful rings! We are very satisfied with the color and design, they turned out the way we liked! We are very happy to have chosen MITUBACI TOKYO, and glad that they provide a lifelong after-care services.

Made-to-order wedding rings made by professional engravers

K-san from Oita

Since we live in Oita Prefecture, we communicated by email and phone only, but the craftsman was very helpful. When our rings arrived, we were so excited we could not take it out of the box for a while. Now, my husband wears his ring frequently and I wear it as a necklace. We really cherish our jewelry! I really like MITUBACI champagne gold rings, they are so beautiful! Thank you so much for making our rings!


Yes. Please let us know that you would like to opt for jewelry-making by craftsmen when you make an appointment. You can view our samples and also take a peek at our artisans at work.

Your ring takes around 3 weeks to complete from the point you placed an order.

Sorry, we don't have diamond samples available for rental.

We offer design samples without a diamond.Feel free to apply for our free rent service.

Cleaning and polishing the rings are free for a lifetime. First-time resizing is also free. The second and subsequent times will be charged at a basic price of 5,500 yen per ring (tax included).  
Please note that ring resizing may take several working days.

The most popular design is the shiny oval engagement ring. This simple, smoothly polished ring is comfortable to wear and is a design that you will never get tired of.

The most popular diamond sizes are 0.2ct, which is easy for everyday use, and the gorgeous 0.3ct.

We offer premium diamonds of grade F or more colorless, clarity of SI-1 or better, and triple excellent cut or higher.

Yes, we provide our original jewelry boxes with the rings.

A Place Where Dreams Are Fulfilled

MITUBACI TOKYO craftsmen are a team of unique individuals with one common goal: the desire to actualize one's wish. A wedding ring is a special piece of jewelry with a sentimental value unlike any other. The ideal jewelry with which you will spend the rest of your life is unique to each individual. With their skills and experience accumulated over the years, our artisans want to help you fulfil your ideal and cherished jewelry.


At MITUBACI TOKYO, each ring is made by a single artisan from start to finish. This is not the most efficient production method, but it is proof that every artisan is responsible and confident in their work.


MITUBACI TOKYO wedding and engagement rings are made by the Tanzou (forging) process. Rings made by forging are strong and comfortable to wear. In addition, because of the one-by-one manufacturing process, every piece of jewelry is one-of-a-kind and special.


The delicate work of MITUBACI's craftsmen is not limited to Japan. They also showcase their craftsmanship at our sister brand "KOBO" in Singapore. The wedding ring techniques taken for granted by our craftsmen were the crystallization of delicate and precise craftsmanship, praised around the world as "Japanese craftsmanship indeed. We face manufacturing one by one with care and sincerity. </span

Rental Terms

For customers considering our products, we offer a free rental of ring samples and sizer gauges. Check out your favorite textures and order online with confidence. The ring samples are plated with gold and platinum on silver metal, which texture is as close as possible to the final finishes.

Rental fees

Free (including complimentary shipping label for return)

Rental period

10 days


  • Please contact us if you have trouble returning the item in time.(03-5787-8238)
  • Please note that we may charge ¥11,000 for each rental item if lost or not returned.
Lime GoldLine1.710
Pink GoldSide Milgrain212
Champagne GoldCenter Milgrain2.514
Yellow GoldOval316
Pink GoldForesta1.711
Yellow GoldPlain215
Champagne GoldHammered2.513
PlatinumHammer Blast317
Lime GoldSnowflake3.520
Champagne GoldTwist2.513
PlatinumForesta (side only)422
Champagne GoldStella320

Senban Finish

Senban finishes are achieved by precision cutting using the lathe machine. Workshop participants will complete jewelry-making processes such as engraving and forming the shape of the ring. Our veteran artisans then work on the finishing touches comparable to a custom order ring. These finishes are perfect for you if you wish to make your own jewelry and achieve an impeccable finish. (Please note that the various senban designs are applicable to different ring widths under 3.5mm and plain surfaces only.)


+¥5,500 yen

The sides of the ring are gently shaved to create a rounded surface. The oval contour is a timeless classic with a gentle impression. Given its simplicity and comfort, it is the most popular senban design.


+¥5,500 yen

Mare refers to "sea" in Italian. With a concave contour, it reminds one of the ebb and flow of waves.
* Compatible with ring widths from 2.5mm to 3.5mm.


+¥5,500 yen

The ring is shaved from the center to the sides at an oblique angle, revealing a contour similar to the peak of a mountain.



Add more character to your senban contours with a single groove in the center of your ring as an accent. Recommended to pair the design with a single diamond.

Center Milgrain


Add more character to your senban contours with the classic and vintage milgrain detailing in the center.

Side Milgrain


Add more character to your senban contours with the classic and vintage milgrain detailing one or both edges of your ring (the price remains the same for one-sided milgrain).
* Compatible with ring widths from 2.0mm to 3.5mm.

Stone Setting Option
(Secret Stone)

Add more meaning to your jewelry with secret stones set on the inner wall of your ring!


*Diamonds, ruby, sapphire, and emerald +¥16,500.

January — GarnetFebruary — Amethyst
March — AquamarineApril — Diamond *
May — Emerald *June — Moonstone
July — Ruby *August — Peridot
September — Sapphire *October — Tourmaline
November — CitrineDecember — Tanzanite

Stone setting takes additional 1~1.5 hours after you complete making your jewelry. If you have a tight schedule, please inform our staff and we can arrange for delivery of your items at a later date.

Laser Engraving

+¥5,500 yen

Laser engraving requires additional time. Choose the font of your choice from our selection. Chinese characters and emojis are also available.

Click here to learn more.

Handwritten Engraving


You can also laser-engrave your handwriting or hand-drawn illustrations! Please prepare your data in advance and send us the scanned data or draw it when you visit our store. Please note that data given to us on the spot requires additional time.

Pixel art engraving


Design your pixel art in a 16 x 16 grid and have it engraved on your jewelry. Please submit your design at least 3 days before your visit.

For more information, please visit the Pixel Art Engraving blog.