Origin of the name of quartz and crystal

Have you ever heard of a gemstone called quartz? Here we introduce you to the beautiful, icy quartz and the origin of its name.

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The stone we present here is a rock crystal in the rough!

You may often see it sold in stone shops under the name of quartz (quartz) or crystal.


Rock crystal is the common name for transparent quartz, whose mineral name is quartz. The meaning of the name is derived from the Greek word "krystallos," meaning ice.

Legend has it that the ancient Greeks found a shining quartz in the caves of Olympus that was permanently frozen by ice. It is said that they believed it to be a fossil of ice and named it.

Natural minerals often have inclusions, which are different minerals or crack-like patterns that are introduced during the crystal growth process. Stones with fewer inclusions tend to be more transparent. Rock crystal is a common name for quartz with few inclusions.

Quartz in the rough basically grows out of the host rock in the shape of a hexagonal prism, and when crushed during processing, it cracks with a slightly glassy appearance.

The irregular cross section is very beautiful with sparkling reflections when held up to the light.


When you touch it, the unique coldness of the stone, combined with the natural beauty of the ice, makes you feel as if you are looking at beautiful natural ice. It is understandable why the Greeks of old thought that rock crystal was a fossil of ice!

MITUBACI handles amethyst, which is part of the same quartz family as rock crystal. Amethyst, also known as purple quartz, is a gemstone with the transparency and deep color of quartz.

Amethyst is also considered the birthstone of February.

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Origin of the name of quartz and crystal
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