Customer Review: Handmade Wedding Bands—Platinum

MITUBACI RING FACTORY is a cosy corner that provides opportunities to couples who wish to make their own their wedding bands. Today, we are visited by a lovely couple, and we wish to take this chance to share a bit more on our jewelry-making process.

The completed wedding bands.
Before shaping the platinum into rings, the couple engraved on their rings with a hammer and metal stamps.
Our metal stamps range from uppercase alphabets to numerals and symbols.
Here we have our customer applying the hammered texture (tsuchime) to his ring.
High-temperature soldering is an inevitable process in the ring-making process. Rest assured that our artisans will guide you through the entire process.
And there we have the rings completed within a few hours!

We'd also like to share what the couple has to say about their experience:

Q: What is most interesting about the workshop?

"The fact that I get to experience jewelry-making for the first time, and craft my very own ring."
"Getting to experience the jewelry-making process while being guided throughout."

Q: What is most challenging about the workshop?

"Trying to align and engrave the metal stamps."


■ A message to Y-san:

Thank you for visiting MITUBACI atelier! We hope today's experience has become a wonderful memory for both of you.

Please note that we also provide free-of-charge after-sales services such as cleaning or polishing. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or require assistance.


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Customer Review: Handmade Wedding Bands—Platinum

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