Why Do Rings Feel Tighter or Looser Over Time?

We have heard many stories about how the wedding bands do not fit well after some time despite ensuring that the sizes were just right at the point of purchase. Common woes are that rings become either so loose that it spins or so tight that it squeezes the finger uncomfortably.


Did you know that there could be a few reasons as to why they feel looser or tighter?

Firstly, the size of our fingers may differ from seasons and time of the day. For instance, the dry weather in winter causes the ring to slip more easily while the warm weather in summer makes the ring more difficult to remove due to sweat. One's lifestyle also plays a factor; large intake of water and lack of sleep may cause the fingers to swell, and therefore the ring to feel tighter. It is like how our feet sometimes feel tight after alighting an aircraft because of large water intake on board; our ring finger also expands 2-3 sizes!

Naturally, a change in our body weight also affects how well our ring sits on our finger. Our body weight may be affected by our diet and stress we feel before and after the wedding, which is another plausible explanation for the looseness and tightness of our ring. This could be why sometimes the fit of the ring feels different on the day of purchase and after.

Subsequently, the ergonomics of the ring sizer gauge used during measurement may differ from the actual jewelry. Many jewelry boutiques utilize a ring sizer gauge that measures by 1 full size. These gauges, manufactured at low costs, are often bundled, heavy and have a flat contour on the inner rings, making them difficult to put on and remove during measurement. They also tend to have a narrower or wider width than the actual ring. Hence, sometimes a perfect fit on the ring gauge does not accurately reflect the ergonomics of the actual jewelry. Having said, this also explains why sometimes when we opt for a slightly bigger ring size for comfort, the result turns out too fitted that it is hard to remove.

ほとんどのお店では、1号ごとのリングがじゃらっとたくさんついた リングゲージと呼ばれるツールでサイズを測りますが、このリングゲージが全体の重量が重く、また低価格で作られる内側が真っ平らでつけ外しがしにくい、そして実際に作るリングより幅が狭かったり広かったりします。



Unfortunately, many people experienced this when they purchase from overseas brands. More often than not, these jewelers do not provide resizing services after completion and require customers to fork out more for a whole new replacement.

At MITUBACI, we use ring sizer gauges known to have an "uchikoumaru" (内甲丸) contour. Our gauges emulate the ergonomics of the actual ring to fulfill accurate fit and comfort, a pride we take in our jewelry and our promise to our customers.

This is our "koumaru" (甲丸) ring sizer gauge.

To improve accuracy in measurement, our artisans have devised a half-size ring sizer gauge and even a 1.5-width ring sizer gauge for skinny rings. Every ring sizer is on its own instead of bundled up so that the measurement is not affected by excess weight. The top advantage of hand-crafting your wedding bands is being able to test the fit throughout the process of making, and eventually achieving an accurate and comfortable fit!



It slips on perfectly!

If you wish to make the ring slightly tighter or looser during the jewelry-making process, feel free to inform our artisans! The completed rings may end up a size bigger than the original measurement, depending on the request of the wearer.



So if you're looking for a perfect fit, sign up for MITUBACI wedding bands workshop today! If you wish to resize your ring after some time, you may opt for one-time free ring resizing service with us.


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Why Do Rings Feel Tighter or Looser Over Time?

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