Complete Your DIY Wedding Jewelry on the Very Same Day!

Make and Wear Your Wedding Bands on the Same Day

Wedding planning, more often than not, is an exciting yet hectic process for most, with so many things to consider and so many decisions to make. It is not always easy for couples to schedule time together, let alone having to travel down to various boutiques together to look for their wedding bands. Furthermore, most wedding bands take some time to complete, and many can't wait to check things off their to-do list.

To alleviate the wedding planning load and to put couples' hearts at ease, MITUBACI workshop allows couples to not only get their wedding bands done on the very same day* but also make their wedding planning a memorable one.

To sign up for this 2-to-3-hour workshop, simply pick a date to your convenience. The design consultation and jewelry-making process will be carried out and completed on the same day*. The wedding bands will be placed in a complimentary ring box. (*Please note that the number of diamonds may affect the order completion date)

Our staff will also take pictures and videos throughout your DIY process and share them with you for your keepsake or if you wish to use them for your ceremony.

If you have half the day to spare, do consider dropping by MITUBACI to create not just jewelry but also fond memories that will last a lifetime!


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Complete Your DIY Wedding Jewelry on the Very Same Day!

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