Customer Review: Handmade Wedding Bands—18k Yellow Gold and Platinum

An Introduction to S-san's Workshop Experience

Left: 3.0mm width Platinum950
Right: 2.5mm width 18k Yellow Gold

Here's an outline of the flow of our wedding bands workshop:
Design consultation → Ring engraving → Shaping the metal ingot → Soldering → Polishing

Process of heating metal
The metal ingot is heated up (before hand engraving by machine or after hand engraving by metal stamps) so that it becomes malleable.
The process of typing letters into a ring by machine engraving.
In this case, S-san opted for hand engraving by machine, which is carried out after the metal ingot is shaped and soldered into a ring. This machine is specially made for engraving symbols such as numbers and alphabets. Workshop participants may choose the ring engraving method to their liking.

The letters were engraved on the ring using a special letter engraving machine. The engraving process allows numbers, Roman numerals, and symbols to be engraved on the ring.

Our brand offers two methods for engraving letters: one is to hammer in the letters using a hammer, and the other is to engrave them using a special machine (machine engraving).

Hammered engraving
Above: Hand engraving by metal stamps. This method gives a more distinctive handmade vibe to the jewelry.

Machine engraved engraving
Above: Hand engraving by machine. This method gives a neater finishing.

Both are popular in their own ways! Here's what S-san has to say about the workshop experience:

We would like to share with you a questionnaire from Mr. S.

Customer Survey

Q: What was most enjoyable about the workshop?

"I really like the ambience of the space the moment I set afoot inside. During the ring making process, I enjoy seeing my ring turn sparkly as I file and polish it. The artisan was pleasant, and I'm really satisfied with the finished look of my jewelry."

■ A message to our customer

"Thank you for visiting our workshop! We are happy to learn that you have enjoyed yourselves. Please feel free to contact us and enjoy the after sales polishing service for free!"


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Customer Review: Handmade Wedding Bands—18k Yellow Gold and Platinum
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