Wedding Jewelry Workshop Manageable even for Beginners!

Making handmade wedding rings

We all want our wedding bands to last a lifetime, so it's natural to be nervous about making the rings yourselves.

DIY with Confidence

Our wedding bands workshop is achievable even for beginners with little or no experience in jewelry-making! Our veteran artisans, each with at least 10 years of experience (some even 20 years!) in the jewelry-making industry, will guide you through every process until completion.
All couples who have signed up for the workshop hitherto have successfully crafted their wedding bands!

Before the workshop, our artisans will show you some design samples and go through your requirements. If you wish to take on the handmade challenge, feel free to seek help from our artisans at any point in time to take over the more challenging processes. You may also request for our artisans to demonstrate the process before you get hands-on whenever you feel comfortable. Otherwise, you may also leave the entire process to our artisans.

We will start off with some practices before making the actual jewelry! Couples who opted for hand engraving (said to be the most challenging part) will practice engraving on practice materials until they feel confident in handling the actual jewelry. Prior to handling each process such as soldering, applying texture, polishing etc., our artisans will provide instructions and carry out demonstrations to ensure your safety.
The most difficult part of the process, engraving the inside of the ring, is practiced carefully with practice materials until confidence is gained.
The production process also includes the highlights of the handmade process: the brazing process, which uses fire to join the rings together; the hammering process, which creates patterns on the surface of the ring; and the polishing process, which is the finishing touch. The craftsmen first show a model and explain tips and points to note before actually working on the ring.
If you feel uncomfortable getting hands-on even after the demonstrations, feel free to leave the jewelry it in the hands of our artisans!

Making handmade wedding rings
Hand engraving by metal stamps on actual wedding band.

Making handmade wedding rings
Soldering demonstrated and guided by our artisan.

Nearing the final stages of the workshop, participants will put on the jewelry to check its fit (artisans will resize where necessary). After which, the finishing processes will be done professionally. If you wish to get hands-on on the final process for a stronger hand-made vibes to your wedding jewelry, please feel free to let us know!
If you want to do it all by yourselves! We want to make it look and feel handmade! Please do not hesitate to tell us your request.

A lot of couples were nervous at first, but eventually, most of them managed to get the hang of things and produced outstanding handiwork that is comparable to a professional's! The persevered efforts and challenges that one has overcome throughout this workshop will be a rewarding and memorable one.
I think the hard work you put into this difficult task will make it a memorable and cherished wedding ring!

Handmade Wedding Bands

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Wedding Jewelry Workshop Manageable even for Beginners!
Experience the handmade.

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