Handmade Wedding Bands—Snowflake Texture

Allow us to introduce S-san's snowflake textured wedding bands.

Our jewelry workshop begins with the hand engraving process. Workshop participants will be given a metal ingot to practice hand engraving with stamps until they feel confident to work on the actual jewelry!

Before the show, you can practice on the silver planks, if you're a first timer!

Next comes rounding the ring.

Followed by soldering, filing off excess, and applying the snowflake texture. While polishing often comes in as the final step, in this case, polishing comes first to better retain the snowflake texture.

The more you polish it and then add the pattern, the nicer the finished product will be!

Once the texture has been applied, the jewelry is given a final round of light polishing which we refer to as "buffing."

In the atelier, we call it "buffing.

The ring starts to shine beautifully at this stage. Be careful not to overdo the buffing as it may remove the snowflake texture!

Be careful not to overdo it, as you'll end up polishing the texture!

Before you go, make sure to take a picture for remembrance when your rings are completed!

Find out more information about the snowflake texture in the article below:

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Handmade Wedding Bands—Snowflake Texture
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