Customer Review: Handmade Jewelry with Family

A Summer Visit by a Family.

Soldering with our artisan.

It's normal to feel nervous while handling the high temperature burner.

Together with their children, the family took turns to partake in the hammering process.

皆さん真剣な表情です。 ハンドメイドでリングを製作中


And the rings are completed!

18k Champagne Gold Rings!

Here's what the family has to say about the workshop experience:

Q: What is most interesting about the workshop?

A: The freedom to pick designs we like, and the freedom to take pictures.
A: Being able to see the making, hear the making, and get hands-on on the entire process ♡
A: Being able to experience and create something together as a family. Thank you so much!




*This article is published with the consensus of the customers.


■ A message to Y-san:

Thank you for making a trip to our atelier despite the hot weather! We're very happy to hear that you've enjoyed yourselves. Please visit again on special occasions or your anniversary!




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Customer Review: Handmade Jewelry with Family

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