A beautiful wedding ring that reminds me of ice.

Ring details:

Pt 950 platinum (2.0 mm) frosted + blasted (matt) + ice blue diamonds

Pt950 Platinum (2.5mm) frosted + blasted (matt) + peridot

We would like to introduce Mr. and Mrs. H. who made their handmade wedding rings in platinum.

He visited our store about a month ago and then came back again after he had considered our proposal.

MITUBACI is a handmade wedding ring store, and while you can take your rings home on the day of your visit, we also accept visitors who just want to see our products!

He was unsure about whether to have a lathe-turned ring or a frosted ring, but we decided to make a frosted ring.

We also received a message to the craftsman after the production.

I was worried about whether it would turn out well, but with careful explanations and instruction, I was able to create a beautiful ring.
I enjoy watching figure skating, and I really like the stylish ice motif design that reflects my hobby.
I was also very comforted by the gentle talk of the female craftsman who was in charge of the project. Thank you very much.
I would like to come back to make different accessories.

Thank you for visiting us, Mr. H. Our craftsman, Mr. Yanagizumi, was in charge today.

You have created a beautiful ring with a sparkling ice blue diamond.

She also said that the silver pendant was cute, so please come back again to make one together for your anniversary or other occasions.

*The customer has given us permission to publish this information.

A beautiful wedding ring that reminds me of ice.
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