Customer Review: Handmade Wedding Bands ― Platinum950

Allow us to introduce S-san's platinum wedding bands. The couple had opted to go for our new Senban menu that we just introduced this month.

Ring details:

Left: 2.5mm width oval finish platinum ring with hand engraving on inner band
Right: 2.0mm width oval finish platinum ring with hand engraving on inner band

They wear a serious expression on their faces as they start on the first step, hand engraving.

The next step is soldering. Sunglasses for eye protection will be provided when soldering platinum due to the high heat involved. It's difficult to figure out to see their expressions under the sunglasses and mask, but they enjoyed it a lot. This process is handled by our artisan due to the use of an oxygen burner.

Once soldered, the ring is slowly taking shape.

Next would be to add the finishes on the lathe.

Our artisan would then use the lathe to shave the sides, giving the ring its oval finish.

Once the overall shape has been achieved, the participants can move on to the polishing process.

In the process of polishing

The surface of the ring is polished using a buffing machine.

Don't forget to take a commemorative photo once you're done.

They kindly left a message for us as well.


We had requested for the platinum wedding band course. We were very impressed as we did not expect that we would be able to see the entire process. Each step was interesting. The artisan, Yanaizumi san, kindly guided us through the entire process and the process that would be carried out by professionals. We are really glad that we went for a handmade ring instead of buying one. Seeing how the rings turned out beautifully after the final polishing process made it worth it. The time that we spent here was memorable too. I'm happy that I'll be able to wear it forever.


We wanted something that felt like us, so that's why we looked for a store that offered something different from chain stores.
The artisans at MITUBACI welcomed us warmly and the atmosphere was homely.
I was deeply satisfied with the workshop. The explanations were very easy to follow along, and the artisan kindly guided us through the process carefully.
I would definitely recommend the workshop to my friends! Thank you very much for today!


Thank you for visiting us. We are glad that you enjoyed the process from start to finish. We look forward to seeing you again!

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Customer Review: Handmade Wedding Bands ― Platinum950
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