[Customer's Voice] Foresta's handmade wedding band made of platinum

Ring details:

Pt950 platinum (3.0mm) Forester

Pt950 platinum (1.7mm) forester + diamonds

Meet Mr. and Mrs. M., who visited us on a sunny Saturday morning.

They seemed to enjoy working with us from start to finish.

Braze (weld) the material in the state of a ring.

The melting point of platinum is about 1750 degrees Celsius. You will be asked to wear special glasses to protect your eyes.

They are so adorable!

The surface texture is hammered with a special hammer.

Below is their comment on their workshop experience:

We have created two platinum forester rings. The staff who responded to our request was cheerful, and we were able to enjoy creating the rings without any tension.
I would definitely use your service if I have the opportunity to create rings other than wedding rings.

Fujimori, who was in charge of the project, told us that they live in Hachijojima. We are grateful that they came to MITUBACI from so far away.

I'm glad you enjoyed working on it ^^.

Come back and visit us at MITUBACI for your anniversary or whatever!

*This article is published with the consensus of the customers.

[Customer's Voice] Foresta's handmade wedding band made of platinum
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