Customer Review: Handmade Wedding Bands—Foresta Texture

Have you tried our DIY jewelry-making workshops yet? We'd like to share feedback from our customers who signed up for our workshops and made their own jewelry.

N-san's Ring

Left: 2.5mm width 18k champagne gold with foresta texture and diamond

Right: 2.5mm width Platinum950 with foresta texture

These handmade rings are timeless and match all kinds of outfits. Here are some snaps of the making!
Below is an introduction to the production process!

Engraving on handmade wedding rings
Participants engrave on the metal strip before bending it to form a ring.
Ground metal for handmade wedding rings with engraved text.

Handmade wedding rings_The process of rounding the ring

The metal is bent with a special equipment. Then, the ends are soldered and filed to form the ring. Texture is applied afterwards.

The process of attaching patterns to rings using the forging method

The ring is given a final polish, and our artisans will proceed with stone setting.

Photo of Mr. N wearing a handmade wedding band made by the forging method.

And the rings are completed! The whole process takes around 3 hours, so you'll get to put them on on the very same day! Hence, we highly recommend this workshop to those who need their wedding bands urgently.

Here is what this couple has to say!

Q: What was most enjoyable about the workshop?
・Experiencing jewelry making;
・The freedom to design and craft the ring to my liking;
・Being able to accomplish most processes by myself;
・Being able to seek assistance and advice from artisans throughout the workshop.

Dear N-san, thank you for visiting MITUBACI!

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Customer Review: Handmade Wedding Bands—Foresta Texture
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