The 3 Most Popular Hammered Textures

The 3 Most Popular Hammered Textures

What Are Hammered Textures?

The umbrella term for textures achieved when applying hammer directly onto rings and bangles is known as “tsuchime.” At MITUBACI, there are different types of hammer (kaneduchi) specifically prepared for our handmade jewelry workshops.

One of the charms of handmade wedding rings is the texture known as hammered.

The hammered textures are loved and popular due to their uniqueness. Even with the same hammer, it produces varying results in different people's hands, making every handmade ring the only one in the world. Couples, friends, and families can also choose to make the jewelry for one another, giving more special meanings to the handmade jewelry—one filled with love and thoughts of one another.

Another fun thing about the hammered texture is the rhythmical clinking sound that resonates when the hammer comes in contact with the ring on the metal rod.

At MITUBACI, there are a few types of original hammers prepared by our artisans to create different kinds of hammered textures on your handmade jewelry. With 3 hammered designs to choose from, you may pick your favorite style when you sign up for our workshop!

There are a total of three types of hammered texture to choose from. Among the wide variety of MITUBACI textures, we will introduce the three most popular hammered textures in order of popularity.

1st in Popularity—Hammered Texture

Hammered Texture Wedding Bands

The most popular is "Tsuchime," a texture that expresses a water surface-like shine.

The hammered texture (tsuchime) comes in first in popularity ranking. This texture is created with a round-tip hammer and reflects light gently like the water surface and elegantly shimmers at all angles.

Be it handmade wedding bands workshop or silver jewelry workshop, a large percentage of our customers opted for this hammered texture. Learn more about the hammered texture in the article below:

Use a pretty hammer with a rounded, glossy tip.

Please take a look at this blog for more information.

2nd in Popularity—Foresta Texture

The word "foresta" in Japanese refers to the woods. As its name suggests, this texture resembles the tree bark and can be achieved through hammering.

Foresta Texture Wedding Bands

This texture is loved by those who want a look that is closer to nature. It is created with a flat, pointed-tip hammer specially made by our artisans. This design is also easy to match with various outfits and occasions. Find out more about the making of foresta texture in the article below:

This design is easy to wear even for those who are not accustomed to wearing rings.

The hammer used here is our original hammer, which has an unusual shape with a long, thin, flat tip.

You can read more about processing and tools in this blog.

3rd in Popularity—Snowflake Texture

The last one is a hammered "snowflake".

Image above: ring with snowflake texture.

The snowflake texture resembles the accumulated and undisturbed surface of snow, and it complements rings that are slimmer in width. Read the article below for more information on the snowflake texture:

It would also look great on a slender ring.

You can read more about it in this blog.

Do you have a favorite among these textures?

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The 3 Most Popular Hammered Textures
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