Hammered Texture ー Shimmering Water Surface

Hello everyone, this is Shindo from MITUBACI.

Allow me to introduce the textures achievable at our DIY workshops on rings and bangles.
In this issue, we introduce "Tsuchime".

Hammers for hammering

The shape of the mallet used for hammers is rounded at the tip and has a glossy mirror finish.
Hammered surface is a process that adds rounded indentations to the surface.
For a start, we have the hammered texture (also known as "tsuchime.") The hammer above is used to achieve this water-surface-like hammered texture. With a round and smooth tip, this hammer creates rounded dents on the surface of the jewelry.

The amount of strength applied to form the facets on the ring affects its aesthetics, making every piece of jewelry with this texture one of a kind. Also, texture application only comes after polishing the ring or bangle to retain the sheen of the completed jewelry.

Polishing the ring or bangle before the work is done will ensure a cleaner finish.
Once completed, the hammered texture shimmers beautifully like water surface when reflecting the light. The gentle shimmer of this texture contributes to its popularity, making the hammered texture one of our participants’ favorite.
It is the most popular texture in the workshop.

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Hammered Texture ー Shimmering Water Surface
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