A New Shared Experience for A Day To Commemorate

At some point of time in life we must have experienced having hard time picking out presents for a birthday or anniversary gift. In addition to a lovely dinner or celebration, how about giving the recipient a little memento to remember the day?

Speaking of memento, nothing beats a shared experience. Every time you look at your handmade ring or bangle, it will remind you of the quality time spent on crafting the jewelry together.

We've had friends who participated in our workshop together to make something discreetly for their friend as a birthday gift, and customers signing up for the workshop alone to make handmade engagement rings and anniversary gifts etc.

It is also perfectly fine for friends and couples to create an item together!

MITUBACI is an atelier with an interior that fuses rustic and modern touches, exuding a relaxing and enjoyable space for all visitors.

You may also request our staff to take pictures of your workshop processes and handmade jewelry as a keepsake! Feel free make an appointment with us. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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A New Shared Experience for A Day To Commemorate

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