3 Types of Engraving on Your Personalized Jewelry


Be it wedding bands, engagement ring, or silver jewelry-making, hand engraving by metal stamps is inclusive in the workshop at no additional cost! Participants may customize the engraving with alphabets, numerals and other symbols.

3 Types of Engraving

Workshop participants may opt for 3 different types of engraving: 2 kinds of hand engraving or laser engraving.

Metal stamps

This method is achieved by hammering on the metal stamps, and is the most popular method among workshop participants as it gives off a strong sense of a DIY project.

Hand engraving by machine

This method is achieved by controlling a machine specially made for engraving. Compared to the metal stamps, this method is neater and the font type evokes a vintage vibe.

Hand engraving may seem difficult, but there will be a practice round before engraving on the real jewelry, and our artisans will guide you through!


Alternatively, you may opt for laser engraving services at an additional cost.

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3 Types of Engraving on Your Personalized Jewelry

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