How To Not Lose Your Wedding Ring and What To Do When You Lose Them

Wedding Bands

The thought of losing your wedding band is daunting. Most common ways people lost theirs are when they:

  • went on a trip and misplaced their rings at the lodgings,
  • changed into their sports attire and placed their rings in their pocket only to find them missing after some time,
  • stopped wearing the rings when they care for their children but before they realised they have misplaced their rings.

Here are some points to remember to prevent losing your wedding ring:

Set a Specific Spot To Put Your Ring at Home

Some people wear their rings almost perpetually, even to bed or to shower but most of us take them off. When not wearing your ring at home, decide on a spot to put or keep your ring to avoid misplacing it. You may consider using a jewelry dish or a ring holder.

Set a Specific Spot To Keep Your Ring when Out and About

Most people lose their rings when they are out and about. When one has no choice but to remove their ring outdoor, safely put them away in wallets or coin pouches. On the contrary, if one were to leave their ring in jeans or coat pockets, they may lose the ring when putting on or taking off their apparel.

Be Extra Careful when at a Hotel, Onsen, and during Sports Activities

We may be obligated to remove our rings for various reasons when going on a holiday, going to onsen or doing sports activities. On these occasions, cultivate a habit to store your ring safely in wallets or coin pouches. In the event where you are required to remove your ring urgently, place it somewhere noticeable to you and easy for you to remember.

In the event where you lose your rings, as long as you let us know the content of your engraving, we will be able to retrieve the data of your rings.

Wear Your Ring Every Day!

Wearing your rings every day is the best way to know you still have them. When wearing your wedding band becomes a habit, you will easily notice if it is misplaced or missing. That way, you won't have to wonder if you have misplaced them somewhere.

Wear Your Ring Only when the Size Fits

Finally, ensure that your ring size still fits. Many lose their rings because they put them on even when it doesn't fit perfectly anymore. At MITUBACI, we help our customers to ensure that the size of their rings are right.

In the event that you wish to resize your rings, please opt for our free one-time ring resizing after-sales service!

On the other hand, if you were to lose your wedding ring, here are some things you can do:

Search Everywhere Thoroughly

More often than not, our heart skips a beat, and we feel the chill in our bones when we realized we might have lost something important. When this happens, calm down and try to recap the last time we saw our ring and retrace our steps to narrow the scope of the search.

If your ring is completed at MITUBACI, and you cannot find it nor recall where you lost it, please contact us immediately. Providing us with the characteristics of your wedding ring, such as the engraving details, allow us to retrieve the data of your ring.

There is also the possibility that you have misplaced your ring in bags which are not used frequently, in coats or trousers, especially those stored away with the change of seasons. You may also want to visit police stations to check if your ring is in the lost-and-found items.

Tell Your Partner

How do you tell your partner that you lost your wedding ring? This is probably one of the hardest things to do. We have had customers who did not want their partner to find out and approached us in secret.

However, it is still best to tell your partner as soon as you realized that you have lost the ring. Perhaps, your partner may know where you have misplaced it. Also, it is easier to let your partner know when the chances of finding it are still high.

Speak To Your Jeweler

If you cannot find your wedding ring no matter how hard you looked, contact your jeweler to get a replacement. Warranties may differ across brands, but for most, you may be able to get a discounted price for a ring remake. This time, ensure that your ring size fits comfortably (a misfit is a common reason why people lose their ring!) Let your jeweler know if you wish for your new ring to match your partner's ring's worn look.

Consider Made-to-Order Bespoke Jewelry

If your original jeweler no longer produces the same design or it is no longer around, consider another jeweler with made-to-order jewelry services to recreate the wedding ring. If your partner's ring has the same design, show the jeweler to get the replacement as close to the original design as possible.

Make a New Pair of Ring with Your Partner

Take this chance to commemorate your anniversary and make a brand new pair together with your partner! We have had couples who attended our workshop with their children too!

As wedding bands made at MITUBACI can be brought home within the day itself, it is possible to avoid telling your partner about the missing ring at all. Rings made at MITUBACI comprises original engraving details that are identifiable when retrieved as a lost-and-found item. Besides, we keep records of every ring made with us, so please inform us if you have lost yours. Replacement rings made with us also get 15% off its original price.

Wedding Bands


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How To Not Lose Your Wedding Ring and What To Do When You Lose Them


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