One-time Free Ring Resizing for Handmade Wedding Bands

It's common to hear people lament about how they stopped wearing their wedding bands because the sizes no longer fit.

Read the article below to learn more about factors affecting the perfect fit!

Of course, the ring size may have been just right at first, but after marriage, when the husband gradually becomes plump due to happy days and delicious meals, or when his weight changes drastically before and after childbirth, the ring size also changes drastically! I'm afraid it's too loose and will fall off soon! And before you know it, neither of you has worn your wedding rings for years. There are many couples around you who have not worn their wedding rings for many years.

Service Applicable to All MITUBACI Ring Designs

To celebrate your love for a lifetime, all MITUBACI wedding bands, regardless of their designs, are entitled to a one-time free ring resizing so that one can continue to wear them for a long time. Subsequent resizing service is chargeable from ¥5,000.

The first time you have your jewelry resized, no matter how many years you have used it, the first time will be free of charge, and the second and subsequent times will also be free of charge (basically 5,500 yen), but we will continue to resize your jewelry for many years.

You may also rent a ring sizer gauge from us.

A glimpse of the ring resizing process.

Having established for 50 years, MITUBACI has received ring resizing requests for wedding jewelry that have lasted 20 to 30 years! We wish to continue to make the fit perfect for every customer for many years to come.

We would love for you to wear the rings we made for you together in the perfect size forever.


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One-time Free Ring Resizing for Handmade Wedding Bands
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