Silver Jewelry Workshop


Our silver jewelry workshop is popular among couples, friends, and family, and offers DIY sessions for rings, bangles, and necklaces. On our busiest months, we have achieved about 100 silver jewelry workshop sessions per month!

Price of Silver Accessories

The workshop prices start from ¥5,500 (tax inclusive) for rings and ¥8,800 (tax inclusive) for bangles and necklaces. Every piece of jewelry crafted at the workshop is one of a kind, adorned with different engraving and textures. One can also choose to add more elements to their jewelry, such as birthstones, plating, and laser engraving at an additional fee. Feel free to make an appointment or drop us an inquiry for more information!

Above: Hand engraving by metal stamps
Above: Soldering two ends of a metal ingot to form a ring


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Silver Jewelry Workshop

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