Care, Sizing, and Warranty of Rings Created by MITUBACI

Care and Maintenance

For routine care, simply wipe off sweat and first with a dry cloth.

For especially stubborn stains, we recommend using mild detergent and rinsing the jewellery under running water. Thereafter, simply wipe the jewelry dry using a soft or microfiber cloth.

However, we recommend patting as microfiber cloth or soft cloth can scratch jewelry if rubbed.

Ensure that your jewelry does not come into contact with other jewelry when putting it away.


The size of our fingers can change in size depending on the temperature, time and as well as pressure. Usually, this difference is about 1 ring size.

Generally, our fingers are bigger in summer and smaller in winter.

This is due to our increased water intake in the summer, hotter temperature and our body working harder to regulate our body temperature.

As such, there is a possibility that our ring size will change.

We recommend that you try to wear the ring in all seasons to get a better feel of your size as constant resizing can be a strain on the ring.

That being said, feel free to send us an inquiry anytime should your ring become too loose or too tight to put on.


MITUBACI provides after-sales maintenance service for many years.


The first time will always be free of charge, and after the second time, we will offer resizing at an estimate (usually around 5,500 yen).

The delivery time will vary depending on the condition of the ring such as distortion or scratches, and if there are any stone setting or engravings. A safe estimate for the delivery of the resized ring would be about 2 to 3 weeks.

Cleaning and refinishing

We can help to clean your jewelry for free if you bring your jewelry directly to us or if you mail it.

Finishing touches include polishing to a shine or reapplying a matte finish.

Repair and Maintenance

If you want to remove deep scratches or correct deformities, we will accept your request as a repair. Please consult with us about this service, which is available for many years.

In the unlikely event that a jewel is dislodged or broken, please contact us.

For maintenance and repair requests, please use this form.

Care, Sizing, and Warranty of Rings Created by MITUBACI
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