Maintenance Request

Please read before booking

Booking under a different name?

  • If you purchased your jewelry under a different customer name (e.g., different last name), please indicate your name at the past reservation in the "Special requests" section.

Maintenance and Repair

  • Cleaning services are free.
  • If you wish to have your jewelry repaired, please describe the details (dislodged stones, cracked rings, etc.) in the "Special Requests" section.
  • Some requests may be chargeable depending on the condition.

Ring resizing

  • The first resizing is free of charge.
  • The resizing may take a few days in some cases
  • Please visit in person for precise size measurement.
  • The comfort of the ring changes by the seasons or even time. We recommend that you wear the ring for a while to see how it feels. If you are still concerned about the feeling, please make a reservation using this form.