Enjoy Your Summer with Jewelry-making and Summer Motifs!

Handmade bangles and rings at our silver jewelry workshop!

MITUBACI workshops offer a variety of metal stamps for hand engraving, such as alphabets, numerals and symbols. Hand engraving is fundamental in our day-to-day workshops. It is one of the elements that allow participants to make their jewelry one of a kind.

Engraving is a tool that allows you to type letters on rings and bangles. For more information about our daily workshops, please see this article.

And for this season we have the summer motifs!
(Above image from left to right) seashell, turtle, and palm tree.

Pictured from left to right are engravings of seashells, turtles, and palm trees.

Hand engraving on your choice of metal is the very first step of the workshop. Please be assured that you will get to practice before hammering on the actual jewelry.

You can practice on a silver board before the show, so don't worry too much and give it a try.

Engraving can also be done on bangles! Have fun customizing your jewelry and dress up for the season!

Once you have your summery jewelry, you will be looking forward to your next outing☆.

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Enjoy Your Summer with Jewelry-making and Summer Motifs!
Experience the handmade.

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