White Day Campaign☆Only now, you can make the popular Paraiba tourmaline ring!

How about a beautiful slender gold ring for White Day?

A simple ring is beautiful, but a gemstone can make it even more special.

In addition to the usual diamonds and birthstones, MITUBACI now offers Paraiba tourmaline.

Also available for a limited time is a larger-than-usual size pink sapphire!

starWhite Day Campaign☆!

Period: March 1-14, 2022*.

Eligible: Those who are having a K18 layered ring made.

Description: During this period only, in addition to the regular diamond and birthstone options, there are also options for Paraiba tourmaline and large pink sapphires.

Price: +16,500 yen (tax included) same price as other birthstones.

*Limited quantities of Paraiba tourmaline and large pink sapphires. They will be discontinued as soon as they are gone.

*Normal size pink sapphires are available all year round.

Paraiba tourmaline, with its beautiful blue-green color like the ocean, is a very popular gemstone around the world.

Some of the women on the MITUBACI staff have chosen Paraiba tourmaline for their wedding rings!

Pink sapphires may not be familiar to many people, but they are a beautiful gemstone with the unique brilliance of sapphires.

If you want a clear pink gemstone, pink sapphires are better than pink diamonds!

You can decide on the day whether or not you would like to have the option, so please take a look at the samples and consider them.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

White Day Campaign☆Only now, you can make the popular Paraiba tourmaline ring!
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