Handmade wedding rings to prepare original Japanese style wedding rings.

Wedding rings in Japanese style. Handmade wedding rings with a Japanese atmosphere

If you have a longing for a Japanese-style wedding ceremony, you are probably looking for a wedding ring that matches the Japanese style.

Since wedding rings are originally from Western culture, some people may not have a concrete image of a Japanese-style ring.

In this article, we would like to consider handmade wedding rings that would be suitable for a Japanese wedding.

The origins of the Japanese design and how to design a forged handmade wedding band.

Although there are many different types of kimono these days, the basic design of kimono is still very simple and universal. Within this form, the kimono is designed according to whether it is to be a shiro-muku (white kimono) or a shiro-uchikake (colored kimono), the pattern of the kimono, and the color of the kimono.

Similarly, the basic shape of a handmade forged wedding band is very simple. The design is created by combining the color (material), surface texture, diamonds, and so on.

The idea of a kimono outfit and the design of a forged handmade wedding band are similar. Both are simple shapes, so they are very easy to combine and go well together.

Design to emphasize more harmony

While simple handmade forged wedding rings and kimono go very well together, let us consider an idea to further weave Japanese taste into the rings.

Matte textures

Frosted handmade wedding rings

At Japanese weddings, shiny and glittery items are not used very often. Instead, matte gold leaf, gold and silver threads, and glossy lacquered accessories are often used, which shine quietly. Matte is recommended for wedding ring textures that blend naturally into them. A blasted or hairline matted design with a subdued shine creates a sense of unity throughout.

Japanese-style engraving on rings

Japanese pattern ring with Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms

The ring can be engraved with a uniquely Japanese motif such as cherry blossoms or Mt.

MITUBACI offers original engraving of cherry blossoms, cherry petals, plum blossoms, and Mt. The engraving of a dango is also cute. Please try it.

Customers can also order engravings that are not available on MITUBACI with pixel art, so it is fun to make your own.

If you want to create an imprint with pixel artThis article

Engraving on the inside of the ring to be engraved in Kanji characters

With laser engraving, it is possible to engrave Chinese characters on the inside of the wedding ring. The date engraved on the inside of the ring can be a Japanese calendar, such as "2021.

MITUBACI also offers laser engraving of Chinese characters for 3,300 yen per piece, so please contact us if you are interested.

In a Nutshell

We hope we have conveyed to you that there are many different approaches to "Japanese-style wedding rings" in a nutshell.

At MITUBACI, you can make your own handmade wedding rings to suit your personal tastes.

If you are looking for a Japanese-style wedding band, please consider MITUBACI.

Handmade wedding rings to prepare original Japanese style wedding rings.
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