Recommended for 5mm width thick rings and wedding rings

When looking for a wedding band, the thickness of the ring is surprisingly difficult to choose.

It is easy to see what you like in terms of design and color from a Web site, but it is difficult to judge width until you try it on.

Slender wedding rings are on the rise these days, but wide wedding rings are very cool, too!

Here is an introduction to thick wedding rings.

The most popular brands for thick wedding rings are European brands such as Fuller Jacquot and Neesing.

Wedding rings with a width of about 8 mm are also available in thicker widths.

MITUBACI's craftsmen make wedding rings that are 2.0 mm wide andWe deal with 2.5mm, 3.0mm and 3.5mm widths as main ring widths.

Sizes thicker than that can be ordered in 1 mm increments, and we have made thicker rings of 4 mm to 6 mm in the past.

Attractiveness of thick rings

The most attractive feature of a thick ring is its presence due to the solid platinum or gold.

The advantage of the ring's wider width is that it allows the wearer to be creative with the way and number of diamonds, and to fully appreciate the fineness of the surface finish.

A wedding ring is a piece of jewelry to be worn for a long time.

In your 20s, a thick wedding band that can be worn coolly on a bouncy finger.

Many people in their 30s are busy with work and child-rearing and do not have time to wear jewelry, but can wear only wedding rings.

At such times, just looking at a bold wedding band that is different from others may give you confidence.

As people in their 40s and 50s settle down from child-rearing and work, they are more likely to go to concerts, museums, and other formal occasions, and a bold wedding band will look great in such places.

A wedding band to share your life with, by all means, put a thicker wedding band on your list!

Case Study

Mr. F_Ring photo

This is a 5 mm wide wedding band.

Although the word "thick" may conjure up images of men, this time the couple chose a 5mm width.

Don't you think it looks great on women?

They are designed to suit each hand.

The ring on the left is the husband's ring.

K18 yellow gold with a lustrous plain finish.

The ring on the right is his wife's ring.

K18 champagne gold. It has a plain finish with a slightly reduced luster.

The ring is flat (flat surface shape), but slightly rounded to give a soft impression.

The slightly matte surface finish on this 5 mm wide ring with a strong presence gives it a sense of elegance that can be used for any occasion.

*Posted with the approval of the customer.

This customer also offers a hands-on ring making experience.
*Because it is a little difficult to make 5mm width rings in the workshop, it would be helpful if you could inquire in advance if you would like to make a 5mm width ring.

Notes on ordering a thicker ring


The following is a summary of points to note when ordering a ring thicker than 5mm width.
Please consider this as a reference only, as it will vary depending on the size of your hands and the length of your fingers.

ring size

In general, slender rings are easier to insert even if the ring size is a little smaller, but thicker rings may be more difficult to insert, especially if there is a lot of swelling.

Evenings and summer months are more likely to be swollen.

If you are ordering a thicker ring, you may want to use a service such as a ring gauge rental to examine the size several times a day.

Ring Material

While gold is comfortable in the hand, it has a certain presence when it is wide.

First of all, I think it would be a good idea to see which color, platinum or gold, you prefer in person.

Even if you don't have a thick ring sample, you can get some idea by stacking two or three slim rings on top of each other.

Ring shape and comfort

There are two ring shapes: flat and oval. Some stores may call them flat or round.

For MITUBACI, the basic order is a rounded oval shape, but if desired, the ring surface can be made flat.

Flat rings do not have the rounded surface of an oval ring, so there is more contact with the finger.

The inside of the ring is rounded to make it easy to wear as well as the oval, but please note that the pressure may increase for thicker rings such as 5mm width.

Also, the wider the width, the heavier the ring will feel to some extent. If you are not used to wearing rings, you may feel uncomfortable until you get used to it.

Ring Finish

If you prefer a wider presence, we recommend a plain ring with a glossy mirror finish.

If you want to apply a thicker, but lighter coat, you may want to apply a matte finish.

Blasted finish, hairline finish, and various types of matte finish are available.

If you want to enjoy textures, hand engraved rings are the way to go. It will be a unique and special ring.

About Pricing

The amount of money for a ring generally depends on the amount of gold or platinum used in the material.

The thicker the width, the more metal is used, of course, and thus the price goes up.

In addition, rings will not simply be wider, but will also be thicker for strength and comfort. This increases the amount of material used.

I hope you'll consider a thicker ring.

MITUBACI also accepts custom orders to make rings according to customers' requests for size, width, surface treatment, etc.

Please feel free to contact us.

Recommended for 5mm width thick rings and wedding rings
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