Aquamarine, birthstone of March

Have you ever heard of the gemstone aquamarine? Aquamarine is the birthstone for March, a beautiful light blue gemstone. This article introduces aquamarine.

About Aquamarine Gemstone

In this issue, I would like to talk about the gemstone aquamarine.

Aquamarine Color

Aquamarine will be a stone with a fresh blue color.

Aquamarine is said to be called "Rangyoku (indigo ball)" and "Suihotodama (water treasure ball)" in Japanese. I associate the Chinese character "ai" with the color of indigo dyeing, so my impression from the Japanese name is indigo blue, but the actual aquamarine is a blue color such as light blue, sky blue, and sky blue.

Legends about Aquamarine

The name is derived from the Latin words "aqua" (water) and "marine" (sea).

As its name suggests, the aquamarine has several legends associated with the sea.

In Greek mythology, it is said that the treasure of the spirit that governed the sea was washed up on the beach and became aquamarine. In the old days, fishermen and sailors wore aquamarine amulets carved with Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, to escape water hazards.

The gentle transparency and deep colors are very nice.

The clear blue color, which is reminiscent of the ocean as it shines through the sunlight, is exactly as beautiful as its name suggests.

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Aquamarine as a mineral

Aquamarine is the name given to the blue color of the mineral beryl. Beryl grows as crystals in the shape of hexagonal pillars. In addition to light blue, green, red, and pink are also produced. Emerald and morganite are well-known examples of beryl stones. They become blue when they contain iron. Funny how gemstones can have different common names for the same stone, depending on its color!

Place of origin of aquamarine

Aquamarine is mined in many different regions. Nigeria, Madagascar, and Brazil are well-known sources, but some aquamarines are produced in Pakistan and the United States. Among these, aquamarines from the Santa Maria Mine in Brazil are particularly beautiful and highly valued for their deep color. Currently, aquamarines from the Santa Maria mine have been depleted, making them extremely valuable.

The world's largest aquamarine was also produced in Brazil. It is on display at the Smithsonian Institution in the U.S. and bears the strong name of Don Pedro (Dom Pedro). When it was mined, it was 23.25 inches (over 59 cm!) It weighed about 60 pounds (over 27 kg) when it was mined. Gemstones get smaller and smaller when cut and polished, but this originally large aquamarine is said to weigh 10,363 carats (about 2 kg) after cutting.

The Smithsonian Institution also has a 186.9-carat square-cut aquamarine, which is often seen in rings, on display, as well as a variety of other exhibits, including a crystal in its uncut state. I would like to go to the U.S. someday to see them.

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In Japan, it is also produced in small quantities in Fukushima and other prefectures.

(Reference site.Ishikawa Town, Fukushima Prefecture Official Website)

Gemstones have slightly different tints due to the different components inside, depending on their place of origin.

Even if they come from the same place, natural stones are created by nature, so no two are the same, which is fascinating.

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Aquamarine, birthstone of March
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