Who pays for the wedding ring? Check the timing of payment, etc.

Engagement rings are usually given to the woman by the man, and in many cases the cost is also borne by the man. On the other hand, a wedding ring is a symbol of marriage that two people will wear for the rest of their lives. Therefore, in considering the purchase of a wedding ring, some may be wondering which party will pay for it. This article introduces the actual situation regarding the burden of wedding ring costs and explains the timing and method of payment.

Who pays for the wedding rings?

Payment for wedding rings can be divided into three patterns: the man pays all the costs, the woman pays all the costs, and the two pay together, except in cases where the parents pay for the wedding rings. In a survey on cost sharing conducted by the marriage information magazine Zexy, nearly half of the couples surveyed said that the man paid the entire cost. At the same time, it was also revealed that only a small number of couples said that the woman paid the entire cost. The pattern of payment by both parties differed from couple to couple. For example, it is not uncommon for the man to pay more than the woman. The reasons for the choice of each pattern are listed below.

Men bear the burden

As women continue to advance in society, more and more women are doing what used to be the role of men. However, with regard to wedding rings, there is still a strong feeling among both men and women that men are responsible for purchasing them. Hence, for couples who are not particularly particular about the cost burden, the natural tendency is for the man to pay. There are also cases where the man pays the full amount as an act of manliness to show that he is prepared to protect the woman for a long time.

Other men give gifts for other reasons, such as simply wanting to look good or to please a woman. Some women also long to receive a wedding ring as well as an engagement ring. Many men want to make that happen, and many men think of bearing the burden themselves.

Women bear the burden

With an increasing number of people working together, there are many households in which the wife earns more than the husband. Similarly, many couples, both male and female, are earning more than their husbands before marriage. For example, such differences in financial ability are often the result of having entered the workforce before the man or having risen through the ranks of their employers. In this case, the awareness that the one who can afford to pay should pay, can easily lead to the decision that the woman bears the entire cost.

Some women also consider the financial burden on the man in other ways, including the gift of an engagement ring. Some women may choose to pay for their own wedding rings out of a sense of discretion or a desire to eliminate spending bias.

The two pay together group.

Unlike engagement rings, which are given by the man to the woman, wedding rings are used by both people who are getting married. Therefore, some couples take it for granted that both parties will bear the cost. Also, if both the man and the woman have incomes, it may be natural to think that it is fair for both of them to pay for it.
The most common case is that of "splitting the cost," in which two people pay equally.

Alternatively, some couples pay for their own wedding rings, and some couples pay for each other's due to a mutual desire to give each other wedding rings.

In other cases, the couple may be saving for the wedding expenses together, or they may have a wedding budget from which they decide to pay for the wedding rings once the wedding expenses are paid for together.

When do I pay for my wedding ring?

The most common time to pay for wedding rings is when you decide on the design and size and place the official order.
However, even if you finish paying the bill at the store, you will not usually be able to take the wedding ring home immediately. Basically, wedding rings are often made-to-order, which means that they are manufactured after the order is placed, so you will only receive them at a later date, after they are finished. Although it varies greatly from brand to brand and store to store, it is common to receive the rings one to two months later.
Some stores also ask for a portion of the total amount as a deposit, rather than charging the full amount in one lump sum at the time of ordering. In this case, you are responsible for the remainder when you receive your wedding ring.

In any case, it is important to fully understand the number of days from order placement to receipt. Based on the date of the wedding, work backwards from there to complete the order as early as possible so that you can receive it in time.

The high season for weddings is considered to be from April to June in the spring and from September to November in the fall, but the peak time for purchasing wedding rings is from December to February and from June to August, about two to three months before the high season. Many couples greet their spouses when they return home for New Year's or Obon, and then purchase their wedding rings.

What are the most common ways to pay for wedding rings?

The payment methods offered by the stores vary, but cash and credit card payments are generally accepted. Most couples choose to make a lump-sum payment through these methods. The amount of money to be spent on the wedding tends to grow as couples plan the reception and honeymoon, and prepare for the new house and furniture. Many couples have saved for this, and in such cases, few couples plan for the cost of wedding rings. On the other hand, if you anticipate financial hardship after marriage, it is not advisable to overstretch yourself at the time of purchase. It may be important to consider the couple's budget carefully and choose a wedding band with a price within their budget so that it will not interfere with their new life after marriage and other activities.

Are installment payments or loans available?

There are times when you want to purchase a wedding ring but do not have sufficient funds to do so. In some cases, you may not have enough money saved up, and in other cases, you may want to put the money toward other priorities. In such cases, credit card installment payments or loans are available.
However, it is important to know that only a minority of couples use them and that some stores are not available. And the fact that they will only postpone the cost burden into the future should also be discussed carefully with both of you before you consider using them. You will have many expenses after your marriage, so we urge you to think carefully about using them.
There are also loans called "bridal loans," but be aware that the cost of wedding rings may not be covered. In addition, since loans are subject to an examination process, it is important to take into consideration the length of time it will take to receive the results and the possibility of not passing the examination.

Points to keep in mind when paying credit cards

Credit cards cannot be used if they have expired, so please check the date on the front of the card in advance. Also, please note that credit cards that are not supported by the store's payment system cannot be used. It is a good idea to check the types of credit cards supported on the website in advance.
Pay attention to the credit limit, especially if you plan to pay with a credit card.
Unlike ordinary purchases, these are expensive payments, and when it comes time to pay, it is often the case that you have exceeded your limit and cannot pay.

If you are concerned, you should contact your credit card company in advance. In most cases, the contact information can be found on the back of the credit card.
Also, some credit card companies may temporarily raise your credit limit if you tell them you are preparing for a wedding, so check with them if this is necessary.
Regarding installment payments, it is important to note that the number of installment payments allowed varies from credit card to credit card and that a fee (interest) is usually charged if more than three installments are selected.

Furthermore, in some cases, if you use a credit card that you do not use regularly, you may not be approved because of the risk of unauthorized use. If you are unable to use your credit card because you have not exceeded your credit limit, you should consult with the store where you are making the purchase and contact the credit card company to confirm.

Buy a wedding ring with a payment plan you both can live with!

There are a variety of ways to cover the cost of wedding rings, so discuss your options together and make a choice that makes sense for you. Even if you don't have a large budget, you can still choose a beautiful wedding ring that you will love.

And handmade wedding ring services have surged in popularity over the past few years, as they allow couples to create a wedding ring that they are uniquely attached to, and at a reasonable budget.

MITUBACI is one of the few brands of handmade wedding rings that offers detailed pricing before the actual creation of the ring, and that basically allows you to take the ring home the same day it is made, without having to pay in advance before you receive it.
Receiving the wedding rings at the same time as payment is an attractive point of security for two people who are juggling money and schedules during the busy wedding preparation process.

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Who pays for the wedding ring? Check the timing of payment, etc.
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