What is the market price of wedding rings! Does the age or material make a difference?

For those considering the purchase of a wedding ring, some may wonder how much of a budget to consider. A wedding ring is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. It is difficult to make a decision if you do not know how much is the market price. In this article, we will discuss wedding rings from various angles, including market prices, popular brands, and materials for people in their 20s and 30s, respectively.

What is the market price for wedding rings?

To begin, we will discuss the general price of wedding rings. Let's focus on whether there are differences based on age or income.

Are there differences by age?

In conclusion, we can say that there is no particular difference in the market price depending on the age. A wedding ring is an important once-in-a-lifetime purchase. When considering it as something to be worn for the rest of one's life, some people want to purchase a good, expensive ring. As people get older, they tend to want to choose a high-quality ring that is appropriate for their age. However, wedding rings are worn every day. Scratches from slipping are inevitable, and some designs can become deformed or broken. Even though it is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, wedding rings are everyday rings that are worn every day. With this in mind, many people actually avoid so expensive a ring.

Does it make a difference based on annual income?

For engagement rings, there used to be a trend to aim for "three months' worth of monthly income.
This was a mainstream concept during the bubble era, and was largely inspired by a famous celebrity who, when asked at his engagement press conference about the price of the ring he gave as a gift, replied, "It's the equivalent of three months of my monthly income. Therefore, the higher the annual income of the giver, the higher the cost of purchasing an engagement ring tended to be. Today, however, as might be expected, few people spend the equivalent of three months of their monthly income on an engagement ring.
On the other hand, many people think about choosing a wedding ring that is commensurate with their annual income, and the higher the annual income, the higher the purchase price tends to be. Even so, in reality, the difference is not that great. Many people choose wedding rings for 200,000-300,000 yen, and the market price is around 200,000 yen. It can be said that there is little difference in the market price of wedding rings depending on annual income.

The price of wedding rings varies by material and design.

The price of wedding rings varies depending on the design and material. In terms of materials, platinum is generally the most expensive, and as of April 2021, gold is more expensive than platinum as a material, but platinum is still more expensive for wedding rings because it is heavier than gold and requires 1.3 times more precious metal for the same design. The price of platinum wedding rings is higher than that of gold because of its greater specific gravity and the amount of precious metal used in the same design is 1.3 times greater. Also, the melting point of the metal is higher than that of gold, making it more difficult to process. Gold tends to be less expensive to process than platinum.

In addition, gold not only has a lighter specific gravity than platinum, but also generally contains silver, copper, and palladium to give it strength and color. This, in turn, results in lower gold content, which in turn lowers the price. In fact, the price of wedding rings fluctuates depending not only on the type of material, but also on the weight of the precious metal used in the design, as well as the design of the diamonds and other gemstones that are added.

Is it OK to buy a new wedding ring?

A wedding ring is something you will wear for the rest of your life. Even so, over the course of its long life, it will sometimes become ill-fitting. They may become scratched or damaged. Some may even get lost. While the size and damage can be fixed, it is also possible that you may grow tired of the design. However, some people may wonder if they should buy a new wedding band just because they want a new one.
In fact, many people replace their wedding rings because of breakage or loss.

After a long time of use, your taste in design may change, and it may no longer suit your age. Although wedding rings are meant to last a lifetime, it is also advantageous to be able to replace them with age-appropriate ones. For example, an increasing number of couples are replacing their wedding rings on their 10th and 20th wedding anniversaries.

Who pays for the wedding rings?

While engagement rings are generally purchased by the man who proposes, there is no rule that one of the two must pay for the wedding ring. While there may be differences in some regions, the actual situation varies. Therefore, we will divide the cases into three categories: cases in which the man pays, cases in which the woman pays, and cases in which the two pay together, and introduce the reasons for each.

Many couples still have men paying.

According to a survey conducted on the payment of wedding rings, nearly half of the couples surveyed have the man paying for the wedding ring. This result indicates that, like engagement rings, many people believe that wedding rings are "paid for by the man. When we consider the feelings of women, many of them may feel that they want it to be a gift. Some may even admire it as a gift from a man.

Some couples the woman pays.

In cases where women pay, some pay the full amount on the grounds that they "earn more," such as when their actual income is higher than that of men. However, there are a minority of cases in which women pay. Some women think "I want to pay for the wedding ring" because they were given an engagement ring, but some men think "I want the woman to pay for the wedding ring" because they were given an engagement ring as a gift.

Increasing number of couples serving together.

The second most common case, after the case in which the man paid, is the case in which the two of them paid together. This is because people tend to think that "the wedding ring belongs to both of them," and it is also one of the reasons for emphasizing fairness between the genders. When considering the equal status of the two people, it is certainly not fair to make the man bear the burden alone. In some cases, the cost of wedding rings is saved up by the couple in preparation for marriage. In many cases, how the cost of the wedding ring is borne will also be reflected in how money is spent after the marriage. Some couples prefer to split the cost fifty-fifty because they have "one wallet," while others believe that "the man should pay more and the woman should pay less. How you bear the cost of wedding rings may reflect how you spend your money after marriage.

Let's choose a wedding ring that suits you and your budget, not just the market price!

A wedding ring is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

And since it is something you will wear every day for the rest of your life and use on a daily basis, you will want to choose carefully. You are wondering how much you should spend and what the general market price is. And since it is your first time shopping, you are very confused. However, we still recommend, above all, that you choose within a budget that both of you can afford. In addition to the price, of course you want to wear a wedding band of your own design that you both like.

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What is the market price of wedding rings! Does the age or material make a difference?
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