Who pays for the wedding ring, the man or the woman? Is it normal to split the cost?

Marriage is one of life's major milestones. A wedding ring is worn by both husband and wife as a symbol of their marriage. However, since it is not an inexpensive purchase, some people may be concerned about the cost of purchasing the ring. Here, we explain who pays for the wedding rings, men or women, with comments from both men and women.

Surprisingly flexible payment options for wedding rings

Let's get married! However, there are many steps involved. One of them is the engagement, and it is not uncommon for an engagement ring to be given as a gift. This is a gift from a man to a woman as a token of his love, and is unique in that it is worn only by the woman. It is also often considered a betrothal gift, and the cost of purchasing the engagement ring is often borne by the man. On the other hand, wedding rings are generally considered to be "for the couple," and for this reason, there are no clear rules regarding the burden of purchasing costs.
When in doubt about how to pay for a wedding ring, it is a good idea to consult the opinions of married couples. According to the results of a survey on sharing the cost of wedding rings (Zexy: Survey of Senior Brides ), it was found that in about 45% of cases, the man paid the entire cost. This figure was the highest among the respondents. There are also many cases where both men and women share the costs, although the details of the burden differ. In addition to splitting the cost, each man pays for his partner's share, and each man pays for his own share, among others. Incidentally, women sometimes pay the entire cost of the ring, but only about 5% of respondents do so.

Cases in which men are responsible for payment

The most common response to the aforementioned survey was "cases in which the man bears the payment. The background of this reflects the thoughts of both men and women. Here we will focus on "men's voices" and "women's voices.

Men's Voices

Many men believe that they should pay for it and that it is theirs to pay for. Some also say that men are supposed to buy and give the rings as gifts, and it seems that the ideas about wedding rings that have been built up in the past remain strong. As a result, many men want to show respect to the woman who will be with them. On the other hand, we also see reasons such as wanting to give the woman they love a bachelorette gift, or wanting to look good by paying for it even if they are forced to.

Women's Voices

On the other hand, there is a belief that wedding rings are special for women. Therefore, many women wish to receive a wedding ring as a gift from a man. They often have dreams and longings for marriage, and a wedding ring is a symbol of this. In particular, if they did not purchase an engagement ring, their attachment to the wedding ring may be stronger.
Also, as with the "men's voices," the general image of marriage seems to be reflected in the cost burden aspect. However, the attitudes of men and women are often the complete opposite. Among women, there is a view that men should bear the cost of marriage, especially since they have a strong sense of marrying into the other's family or changing the family name as part of the relationship between the two families.

Cases in which women are responsible for payment

Regarding the cases where women pay for wedding rings, the aforementioned survey results show that the number is extremely small, about 5%. What are the reasons for women paying for wedding rings? In order to get at the true feelings, we will explain the "men's voice" and "women's voice," respectively.

Men's Voices

The reason behind women bearing the cost is that some men wish to make sure that the costs in marriage are borne by both parties. If the man purchases the engagement ring, many men want the woman to pay for the wedding ring. In return for the engagement ring, the woman may give him a gift such as a watch, but he may think it is better to apply it to the purchase of the wedding ring instead of spending their limited wedding expenses on such a gift.

Women's Voices

On the other hand, many of the ideas on the women's side are similar to those voiced by the men mentioned above. Some women would like to bear the cost of the wedding ring in return for the engagement ring, rather than giving something else. There are also cases where women bear the cost of purchasing wedding rings because the man does not have sufficient income or savings, or because he has more income than she does.

The case for splitting the cost

When purchasing a wedding ring, not only can one of the man or woman bear the entire cost, but there are also ways for the two of them to pay for it together. Of course, the proportion to be borne is on a case-by-case basis. In addition to splitting the cost, either the man or the woman may have to pay more.

Men's Voices

Many men believe that if both men have the same income, it is equal for them to share the cost of the wedding ring. This is due in part to the increase in the number of women working full-time as well as men, and the fact that the salary difference between men and women is decreasing. Especially for men with a rational mindset, there seems to be a belief that the two of them should share equally not only the wedding ring, but also the overall costs of marriage.

Women's Voices

The wedding ring is a symbol of the two people's future life together. With this in mind, it is desirable that the cost of the wedding ring be borne by both parties. However, some women believe that it is acceptable to bear the cost to some extent, rather than splitting it completely. Others are willing to pay for their own portion of the cost to buy the ring of their choice.
If the woman also pays for and splits the cost of the wedding ring in return for the engagement ring, instead of having the same wedding ring for men and women, she may choose to have a more voluminous and therefore more expensive one for the man.

What is the price of a wedding ring to begin with?

We have found that when purchasing a wedding ring, it is important to understand the cost sharing ratio. Of course, each couple has their own unique circumstances, so it is difficult to say what form is best. It is best to make a mutually satisfactory decision based on your income and living environment, as well as the opinions of older couples who have similar values.
It is also important to understand the market price of wedding rings. According to the "Zexy Marriage Trend Survey 2020," the average cost of wedding rings for two people is 251,000 yen; it is recommended that the total cost for two people be between 200,000 and 300,000 yen. The cost of wedding rings tends to be slightly higher for women. The reason for this is thought to be that women's wedding rings are often embedded with diamonds and gemstones if an engagement ring has not been prepared.

Some couples prepare wedding rings as part of their wedding expenses

The timing of marriage and the timing of the wedding will vary from couple to couple. However, there are many expenses involved in getting married, including the wedding ceremony, reception, honeymoon, and new residence. Therefore, some couples save money together as a wedding preparation fund and pay for the wedding rings out of their shared wallets as part of the wedding expenses. This type of case tends to be seen in couples who split the cost of wedding rings, and may be a natural option for couples with a shared wallet.

They even give each other rings.

In addition to splitting the cost of the wedding rings, there are other ways to pay for your own rings. This way, you do not have to be financially reserved and can choose the ring of your choice. On the other hand, an increasing number of couples are buying their partner's wedding rings and giving them to each other. They often feel attached to the rings they have given each other, which can lead to a deepening of their feelings and bond with their partner.

And how about making rings for each other?

Handmade wedding rings for each other.

And wedding rings are not just for purchase. You can also make each other's wedding rings by hand and then give them to each other as gifts.
A wedding ring is a "marriage certificate" and an important part of a couple's bond. For this reason, it is necessary to select a wedding ring that the two of you can discuss and agree on. Of course, the cost burden is also a major issue, but another option is to make the wedding rings by hand for each other. With "MITUBACI," the couple can choose wedding rings that are reasonably priced, and that they have been attached to since they were made, at a budget that is more reasonable than the average price.

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Who pays for the wedding ring, the man or the woman? Is it normal to split the cost?
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