How to make a wedding ring for around 60,000 yen? Explaining the key to finding inexpensive wedding rings and how handmade wedding rings can also be made inexpensively.

How can I find a satisfactory wedding ring at a reasonable price? We recommend the option of handmade wedding rings.

Marriage is a dream come true, but it also has the practical aspect of costing a lot of money in a short period of time. It is easy to incur unexpected expenses not only for the wedding ceremony, but also for moving to a new house, preparing for newlywed life, and many other matters. Due to this influence, more and more couples want to adjust their budgets for wedding rings and avoid further mistakes. In this issue, we will discuss theHow to prepare wedding rings inexpensivelyand also explains the benefits and risks of cheap wedding rings. We will also discuss theHandmade Wedding BandsI would also like to show you that it is surprisingly inexpensive to make what you want.

What are the characteristics of couples who want to keep their wedding ring budget in the 60,000 yen range?

Two people who want to spend money on wedding expenses other than wedding rings.

I want to spend money on my wedding.

A wedding ring is an essential item for a marriage, and you may have heard that it costs about 300,000 yen for two people to purchase one. It is true that there was a time when that amount of money was the mainstream, but today's market is becoming more diversified, and many couples are looking for something in the price range of around 60,000 yen. An example of this type of couple's thinking is that they want to spend more money on matters other than wedding rings. Many people do not want to spend that much money on wedding rings, but want to spend money on kimonos and dresses to wear at the wedding, to have the overseas wedding of their dreams, or to serve luxurious food and cakes.

I would like to use the money for non-wedding wedding expenses.

Other expenses besides the wedding at the time of marriage include the honeymoon and preparations for the new house. Many couples want to make their honeymoon extravagant, so they want to keep the wedding and rings simple. Those who enjoy traveling in particular tend to spend more time and money because they want to make their honeymoon special. After marriage, there is also the preparation of a new home. If you are moving to a new place that is adequate for two people, you will have to pay for moving for two people. If you are living in the same place where one of you used to live, you will have to spend some money on furniture for one person and some new furniture that you will need for living together. With so many opportunities to spend such money, it seems that an increasing number of couples are aligning their values and want to choose a wedding ring that is simple and of good quality at a reasonable price.

Two people who do not wear wedding rings on a daily basis

Another example is theWorn only on anniversaries, etc.Some couples believe that they have no choice but to choose an expensive one because it is necessary for the wedding ceremony. Some couples have the reason that they wear their wedding rings infrequently because they are in the medical or food and beverage industry, or because they have to wear their wedding rings less often.I have a job where I can't work with my ring on.Cases are not uncommon. In addition, there are other cases where, in the first placeI don't like the ring.People and.Cannot be worn due to metal allergyThere are also people and others.

What are the benefits and risks of cheap wedding rings?

Skinny Gold Ring

Advantages of inexpensive wedding rings

A major advantage of choosing inexpensive wedding rings is that you can put the money toward other matters, as discussed above. In addition, if the ring is not used on a daily basis, the couple may feel uncomfortable spending a large amount of money to purchase it. Finding an inexpensive wedding band will help such couples avoid making a tall purchase and get a wedding band that matches the couple's financial sense.

Another key point is that the difference in materials and options can be covered by the ingenuity of the design. In fact, even at a low price, if the couple is particular about the design, it is possible to create a beautiful wedding ring that will make them feel happy. And if you are a person who values thoughtfulness regardless of price, it is quite possible that you will find them ideal. In this case, the low price of wedding rings leads to the satisfaction and benefit of having bought something you like and spent less.

Risks of cheap wedding rings

On the other hand, be aware that cheap wedding rings have risks. Even if you are happy with the savings at the time of purchase, if it is obvious that the ring is defective and cheap, you and your partner may regret it as it is no longer a symbol of love.

The same is true for wedding rings whose quality is not guaranteed, which can be discouraging if problems arise later.
In addition, quality also poses a durability risk. If the low pricing is due to lower quality materials or lower manufacturing costs, the product may be more prone to deterioration over time or to breakage.

To avoid risk, research well in advance and before you buy.Properly check with the store about warranty, length of warranty, and materials before recommended. You may also ask a friend who has already purchased a wedding ring to introduce you.

How can I find a good quality wedding ring as cheaply as possible?

Reasonable wedding rings certainly exist, but they are not always easy to find. If you want to buy on a budget, how is the right way to go about it? To help you answer that question, this paragraph will detail how to get a wedding ring as inexpensively as possible.

Buy a set ring with an engagement ring

Some have not yet proposed and are considering buying engagement rings as well as wedding rings.
Some of you may be surprised at the sum of money you can imagine spending on the two times, but by not buying either yet, you will have the opportunity to save money. This is because you may be able to save money by buying both as a set rather than individually. In many cases, the combination of engagement and wedding rings is categorized as a set ring and sold at a discounted price.

In addition, theBridal fairs and bridal campaignsDo not miss the timing when the Some stores offer additional benefits for set purchases at that time of year. Some stores hold bridal fairs at certain times of the year or month, so if you are not in a rush to purchase, you can try to prepare for the bridal fair. Some stores will tell you if you let them know you are considering a purchase even if they do not announce it in advance, so if you already have a wedding band you are interested in, you can inquire at the store.

Set rings have other attractions besides price. Wedding and engagement rings in a set ring have the same design concept, or the shape of the engagement and wedding rings are designed so that they can be easily stacked. The most attractive feature of set rings is that because they are designed to be compatible with each other, when the two rings are stacked, they look more gorgeous than when worn individually, without feeling uncomfortable.

Consider the material of the wedding band to keep the price down.

If you want to keep the purchase price of your wedding ring down.Be aware of also a key factor. Precious metals, the materials used to make the rings, have a significant impact on the price of wedding rings because the materials themselves are expensive.

MITUBACI sets platinum at the same price as gold, but in general, many stores set platinum at a higher price than gold.

If you don't have a strong commitment to platinum and want to keep it cheap, by all means!Gold wedding ringsAlso consider

Gold is also commonly used as a material for wedding rings and is by no means minor. In Europe and the United States, yellow gold wedding rings are by far the most common. Gold wedding rings also have many advantages, such as being easy to match with your existing jewelry and blending well with your skin.
However, many people in Japan choose platinum wedding rings, and some may still want to choose platinum for its color and brilliance.

MITUBACI wedding rings are priced the same in platinum as in goldSo you can choose the material that you think best suits your skin type and preference without worrying about the price.

In fact, more than half of all MITUBACI customers, regardless of gender, choose gold rings.

The most popular gold at MITUBACI is champagne gold. Please give it a try!

Considering the design of the wedding ring to keep the price down.

As for the design, what is used for decoration is likely to affect the price. For example, gemstones such as diamonds are more expensive. Therefore, it is easier to keep expenses down if you choose a simple design instead of going for a glamorous, ornate look. Another advantage is that simple wedding rings are often stylish and easy to match with everyday wear, making them easy to use on a daily basis.

Make it a handmade wedding ring.

Besides the cost of materials, the price of a wedding ring includes many other costs. A large percentage of these costs are human rights costs and fixed costs for the sales store. Just to make one wedding ring, many people, including salespeople, are involved in a typical jewelry store.
Also, if the company has a nationwide presence, it will incur that much more fixed and advertising costs.

If the store is a workshop-direct store, the craftsmen who actually make the rings can advise you on the design, and the workshop that makes the wedding rings itself becomes the dealer, so you can save money in this area.

It would also be better if you choose a workshop where you can make your own wedding rings by hand.
You can be the designer and receive advice from the craftsman to produce the product, which makes it less expensive and less expensive.

No matter how cheaply one wants to make a wedding ring, it is not easy for an amateur to produce a wedding ring on his/her own. Even if you manage to complete the work, unfortunately, there is a high possibility that the result will not be satisfactory in terms of durability and quality.

Once again, the total expenditure would be much larger if you purchase ready-made products.
At a workshop specializing in handmade wedding rings, you can have a professional assist you in making your wedding rings by hand and ensure that the quality is satisfactory to you and your partner.

The price is likely to be less expensive than ready-made products.Handmade for a memorable wedding ringis recommended.

MITUBACI Handmade Wedding Bands

Reasonable pricing, a pair can be made for less than 140,000 yen.

MITUBACI can make handmade wedding rings at reasonable prices.

The thinnest ring, called "Accent," is 1.7 mm wide and costs 66,000 yen (tax included).

A pair of these wedding rings can be made for less than 140,000 yen.

Even the popular 2.0mm width ring costs 77,000 yen per piece (tax included). A satisfactory wedding ring can be obtained with a budget in the 150,000 yen range when made as a pair.

Since many couples do not choose the same width, for example, if the man chooses 2.0 mm width and the woman chooses a slimmer 1.7 mm width, the combined price is less than 150,000 yen.

The price of a MITUBACI ring includes the cost of all production work, materials, craftsman support, and engraving.

You can also choose from platinum and four types of gold bullion (yellow, pink, champagne, and lime).

You can also choose the texture of the ring, so whether you have a simple plain platinum ring or a hammered, sparkling pink gold ring made, as long as the width is the same, the price is the same.

Professional craftsmen support

Handmade wedding rings are made by the couple themselves. There are many people who wonder, "I've never made rings before, so I'm worried," "I'm not very good with my hands, but will I be able to do it? At MITUBACI, professional craftsmen who have been making wedding rings for many years will support you, so you can tackle the ring making process with peace of mind.

It's okay to choose just one handmade wedding band.

Even if one of the partners does not purchase a wedding ring, we can create a wedding ring from a single piece. even if only one ring is created, it will be more thoughtful and beautiful if both of you come to the store and work together to make it by hand. The process of engraving and surface texturing is a task that can easily be shared even for a single ring.

In a Nutshell

If you want to get a wedding ring for less than 60,000 yen, try to understand what you can buy cheaply without compromising quality for future reference.

If you want to reduce expenses as well as cherish the feelings you have with your partner, handmade wedding rings can be a valid option. If you are interested in creating your own wedding ring, please consult with MITUBACI first.

How to make a wedding ring for around 60,000 yen? Explaining the key to finding inexpensive wedding rings and how handmade wedding rings can also be made inexpensively.
Experience the handmade.

All of MITUBACI handmade jewelry courses are conducted by professional artisans.
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