It's not always the case that "cheap wedding rings end up being unsatisfying!" There is also the option of handmade rings

In general, many people may wear their wedding rings long after they purchase them. Therefore, some may worry that they will be dissatisfied later with inexpensive wedding rings.
Few couples seem to be bothered by the amount of money they spend on wedding rings. Therefore, this article details how to choose a wedding ring that will satisfy you regardless of the amount of money spent on a wedding ring.

What is the market price for wedding rings?

According to a survey conducted by Mynavi Wedding, the market price for wedding rings is "217,000 yen for two pieces. The most common purchase price range is "less than 200,000-300,000 yen (100,000-150,000 yen for one piece). This price range accounted for 53.9% of the total. The next most common price range was "less than ¥100,000-200,000" at 34.7%. Design" also accounted for 54% of the wedding ring selection criteria, with many couples being particular about "how wide the ring should be" and "with or without diamonds. Since a wedding ring is something that will be worn for a long time, you want to choose a ring with a design that you like.

Incidentally, next to design, 44% of the respondents selected "response and service of the store staff. Some couples consider the store staff's customer service important, taking into account the possibility of requesting size adjustments after purchase and future relationships. The market price for wedding rings is approximately 220,000 yen, but many couples feel that since a wedding ring is a symbol of their marriage, there is no need to settle for a more expensive one. In many cases, couples want "something inexpensive but that they both like.

 Choosing a wedding ring that is not price sensitive

Here is how to choose the ring of your choice without being concerned about the price of the wedding band.

More design oriented than price

In a Mynavi Wedding survey conducted in 2020, "design" ranked as the number one requirement for couples choosing a wedding ring. If you like the ring, you will be satisfied even if you feel the price is low. About 60% said they want a wedding ring even if it is inexpensive, while 40% said they would not compromise and would wait until they find one they like. It is best to choose a wedding ring that fits the wearer's mood and looks good on them so that it blends in naturally. For example, the thickness and shape of each person's finger and skin color are different. If you can find one that balances well with the person's finger, the ring finger of the left hand will look beautiful, even if the ring is inexpensive.

I don't care about brands.

If you are not particular about a particular brand, look at smaller workshops and stores.

In general, you can often choose the same ring material and shape as the major brands, but at a lower price.
If it is more important to you that the ring looks good on you than that it is a brand name ring, you will not regret even the cheapest one if you like it.
If you want a wedding ring that is uniquely you, it is better to check if the design and atmosphere are to your liking and the story behind the creation of the ring rather than the brand. 

I want to keep it cheap and spend money on honeymoon and wedding.

Marriage can be an expensive affair. One way to reduce the cost of wedding rings is to use the money saved on rings for other wedding expenses, such as a honeymoon. The market price for two rings is around 220,000 yen, and if this cost can be cut in half, there will be 110,000 yen to spare. This money can be used to "make the wedding more luxurious" or "upgrade the honeymoon. If the couple is convinced that they want to stick to the wedding and honeymoon, they will not be dissatisfied later on even if the price of the wedding ring is reduced. 

It is important that the two of you are satisfied.

Since many people wear their wedding rings every day, it is important for both spouses to be attached to their rings and to choose one that satisfies them.

In addition to price and design, comfort and size are also important when finding a ring that you are satisfied with. Rarely does anyone want to wear a ring that feels uncomfortable for a long time.
The thickness and shape of the ring greatly affect the comfort of the wedding band.
Ring width can be selected in 1 mm increments at some stores.
Ring shapes vary from oval (rounded corners) to flat (sharp-looking shape with corners left) to Uchikomaru (rounded inner corners to make it more comfortable to wear).
The thickness and shape of the ring will affect how comfortable it is to wear, so please try on the ring you are interested in.

It is also important to find a ring that you both like.
When choosing a ready-made ring, it is often difficult to select a wedding band that matches the couple's tastes because the design has already been decided on for the pair.
In many cases, when there is no match, husbands will often accommodate their wives' preferences, and according to a survey, as many as 94% of men said they would give priority to their wives' preferences.
In addition to "I want to please my wife" and "Women feel that wedding rings are more special than rings," other responses included "I'm not particularly particular about it" and "I don't spend much time wearing a ring because of my job.
While this answer makes me happy as a woman, it is a little sad because it is a wedding ring that the two of us will wear together.

Wearing something that you don't like is also a reason why you gradually stop wearing your wedding ring.
You want to find a wedding band that you will wear for a long time and that you both like, if possible.

In such cases, you may want to consider custom-made wedding rings or handmade wedding rings made by the couple themselves, which are inexpensive but offer a great deal of design flexibility.

Why handmade wedding rings are the way to go!

One candidate for a satisfying wedding ring is to try making it by hand. Here are some of the advantages of handmade wedding rings. 

Can be designed to your liking

If you have visited a variety of stores but have been unable to find a ring that you like, or if you want a ring that is completely original to you, handmade wedding rings are the way to go. Since the ring material, ring width, and even the presence or absence of diamonds can be tailored to your own preferences, you can create a one-of-a-kind ring with a charm that cannot be found in ready-made products.
You can also choose different materials, widths, and designs for each of the two of you, so you can wear them with love.
In this case, it is recommended to unify one part of the ring, such as the engraving or the secret gemstone fastened inside the ring, to create a matching look.

It's something I'll remember for the rest of my life.

Many people make their own wedding rings, but it is also nice if both parties make the other's, such as the wife making her husband's and the husband making his wife's.
The thought that your partner made the ring for you makes you even more happy. Also, every time you look at the ring, the memory of the handmade ring will come back to you, and you will feel happy. Depending on the design, there may be some difficulties for people who are not used to making rings to try it for the first time. Still, having a wedding ring that was made jointly by the two of you with each other in mind will probably lead to a feeling of cherishing your partner.

Reasonably priced to make

Handmade wedding rings are far more affordable than buying ready-made rings.

Compared to jewelry brands, where design fees are often included in the price, handmade rings do not have such costs. In general, the cost of making a handmade wedding band is "production plus materials. In addition, there may be an optional fee for attaching jewelry or other items to the ring. At MITUBACI, however, the cost of materials is already included in the basic price, so there are no additional charges. The price is the same whether the ring is made of platinum or 18KG, and is very reasonable. Engraving a message or wedding anniversary" and "surface finishing" on the ring are also free of charge.

Various types of diamonds and birthstones are also available if you wish to include them in your ring. In addition to the usual simple diamond, there are four types of diamonds: ice blue, green, and black diamonds. There are also 12 different types of birth or anniversary month stones, called secret stones, that can be embedded inside the ring, and the options are reasonably priced as well. Thus, handmade wedding rings are a way to get both satisfaction and comfort at a reasonable price.

Love is more important than price.

Many couples value the design and love aspect of wedding rings more than the price. While you may be able to find a ready-made ring to your liking, if you want to wear a more memorable wedding band, we recommend that you make it by hand. If you make your partner's ring, it will be a lifetime memory, and you can wear a ring that satisfies you in terms of design as well. The cost of materials is included in the price plan at MITUBACI and is reasonable, so please consider this as an option.

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It's not always the case that "cheap wedding rings end up being unsatisfying!" There is also the option of handmade rings
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