How to get cheap wedding rings? With handmade wedding rings, you can make your own wedding rings for two people in the world at a reasonable price within your budget!

Choosing a wedding ring (wedding band) is an event that can be considered once-in-a-lifetime. Many people want to find their favorite ring together with their partner. However, wedding rings are not inexpensive, and the two people's "budget" will inevitably be a factor in the selection process. Some people may find it difficult to "choose" a wedding ring within their budget if they have a limited budget prepared for their marriage. You want to be knowledgeable and avoid getting an estimate that is higher than necessary. Therefore, this article will review the market price, explain how to keep your wedding ring budget low, and explain the appeal of handmade wedding rings and how to make them.

What is the price of wedding rings?

When considering the purchase of a wedding ring, the "price" quotation is an important factor. However, the "cheap" and "expensive" price quotations for wedding rings vary greatly depending on a person's income situation and financial sense. Therefore, let's first check the current situation and average of senior couples through market research to gain a basic knowledge.

According to various market surveys, such as the marriage information magazine Zexy, wedding rings generally average around 200,000-250,000 yen for two pieces. Considering plans for future married life, the wedding ceremony, honeymoon, etc., various expenses will be incurred all at once, so this is not the cheapest amount of money needed for marriage.

The main price range for engagement rings is around 300,000-400,000 yen, and some stores charge more than this.
Since wedding rings are often simple designs without gemstones, they tend to be less expensive than engagement rings, in which diamonds account for a large portion of the price.

How can I keep the price of wedding rings low?

With subsequent budget considerations in mind, many people think, "I need a wedding ring, but I want to keep the price as low as possible. There are several points to keep the price as low as possible. First, it is important to choose the right shop/workshop and brand.

As you may know, in general, stores and foreign brands that spend a lot on advertising such as magazines and TV commercials tend to have a higher price range. Conversely, workshops and brands that spend less on advertising tend to be relatively cheaper than average. Therefore, if there are multiple brands in the same category, we recommend that you gather information and select for yourselves stores, workshops, and brands that do not advertise much and effectively use SNS to attract customers while reducing advertising costs.
In this case, two rings can often be purchased for around 100,000 yen. It would be even better if the staff member in charge thinks, "Let's estimate the ring after carefully checking the customer's budget.
Fully custom-made instead of ready-made is also nice, but this also often increases the price. Custom-made items, which allow us to choose our own parts, can be less expensive than full custom-made items.

You may also want to focus on the "design" of the ring. A wedding band with a simple design, with no gemstones or engravings, can be created for a relatively low budget. If the ring is custom-made and has more diamonds than necessary or a very elaborate design, the price quoted is likely to go up. A simple design has the advantage of being less susceptible to the fashions of the times and easier to use over time. Another option is to purchase a set of wedding and engagement rings. Depending on the brand, the price is generally lower for a set purchase, and in some cases, it is possible to purchase them at a lower budget than for individual items. If you plan to purchase both, it is a good idea to look into this.
Also, check to see if there is a limited time offer for a set discount for engagement and wedding rings.
They often run campaigns once or twice a year, offering discounts and special offers if purchased at the same time as the engagement ring.
Check with your staff to see if they are running such a campaign.
If you have not already purchased an engagement ring, you may want to consider purchasing one as well.
It is recommended that engagement and wedding rings be purchased together so that they have a matching design.

In addition, ask if there are any referral discounts. In some cases, there are benefits for both the referrer and the referred.

What is the appeal of handmade wedding rings?

One option for reducing the price of wedding rings is to "handcraft" them together. The popularity of handmade wedding rings has skyrocketed in recent years among couples who value DIY, experiences, and things over things. Another reason for the popularity of handmade wedding rings is that, in terms of price, a wedding ring made by a workshop is much less expensive than purchasing a finished ring at a well-known brand store, and the couple can get a ring that is unique to them.

And handcrafting wedding rings in a reliable workshop offers various advantages besides good quality and easy cost reduction. For example, a major advantage is that you can "create good memories" during the wedding preparation period. Making wedding rings by hand is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The appeal is that you can enjoy sharing such an experience with your significant other while making the rings by hand. Another attraction is that you can use the photos and videos of the handmade rings to make a movie or album to be used at the wedding as a memory of the couple before they were married. Please feel free to consult with us about how you would like to be photographed.

In addition, handmade wedding rings offer the "special feeling of being the only one in the world. By making a handmade ring, you can have a unique and original ring that you cannot get from a ready-made ring. A wedding ring made by a professional craftsman using the same tools and taking the same amount of time will become a unique, irreplaceable, and precious ring.

Furthermore, handmade rings have the merit of "making it easy to become attached to them. When you are involved with a ring from the design stage, you feel as if it were your own child. It has a different charm than a ready-made ring, and a ring that has been carefully thought out and handmade is easy to become attached to and will increase your awareness of how important it is to use it. Especially for men who do not usually wear rings, the fact that they feel attached to their wedding rings even before they put them on is a major factor in their continuing to wear them after marriage.

Points to avoid mistakes with handmade wedding rings

Handmade wedding rings have the advantage of being relatively low-budget, and of being memorable. On the other hand, if the rings are made without a plan, they may not turn out the way you want them to, and you may fail. Let's review the points to be aware of in order to avoid failure with handmade wedding rings.

Understand the manufacturing process

When making a handmade wedding ring, the first point to note is the "manufacturing method. There are two main types of wedding ring manufacturing methods: casting and forging, each with its own characteristics. To avoid mistakes, it is important to understand the differences between them.

First, the "casting method" refers to a method in which a mold of a ring is made from wax. Melted metal is poured into the mold to make the ring. Many brands use this casting method. It is characterized by a high degree of freedom in design and the ease of creating a variety of rings.

On the other hand, "forging" refers to the process of making rings by beating and stretching metal with a hammer. The metal is forged to give it a sturdy and heavy texture. In light of this, it is recommended that you choose the casting method if you want to create a ring with a freely shaped design, or the forging method if you want a simple yet strong and highly precise ring. By understanding the manufacturing method, you will be able to create a wedding ring that you are satisfied with.
If you are not sure which one it is, please ask the craftsmen in the workshop!

For more information about the forging process, please contact us.Visit our blog here.Please.

Understand the fee structure

It is important to "get the fee structure right" for a handmade ring. The price listings vary from workshop to workshop and atelier to atelier. If you do not check the details carefully, you may end up paying unexpected fees and going over your budget. Be aware that you should check the prices well in advance. It is also important to determine whether the store and staff are careful to inform the customer of the price. For handmade items, there are generally basic, material, and optional fees. Of these, advertisements displayed on websites and social networking sites tend to show only the basic price. If you choose a low-cost place based only on the price you see, you may end up paying more for materials, options, and other additional costs, resulting in a total price that is not different from other places. In general, platinum (Pt) tends to be more expensive than gold. Platinum (PtIf you are not particular about the color (gold or silver), we recommend gold, which blends well with your skin. To avoid regrets, always be aware of how much the "total cost for two" will be when choosing a store or workshop. It is important to check what is paid for and what is a free option. Also, if you have any questions or concerns about the cost, we recommend that you contact the craftsman at the workshop in advance to confirm.

Not too elaborate in design

One key point to keep in mind is "not to be too elaborate in design. Many people who make their own wedding rings become obsessed with the phrase "the only one in the world," and tend to be overly elaborate in their designs. However, elaborately designed rings may not be suitable for everyday use. Wedding rings are meant to be worn for a long time in everyday life, and it is desirable to design a ring that can be used as one ages. In particular, care should be taken not to be too elaborate in the design of the shape, as it may be difficult to use or your tastes may change as you age. Since it is something that will be used carefully for a long time, be conscious of a simple design that will never become boring.

Check after-sales service

When handcrafting wedding rings, it is essential to carefully check the contents of the "after-sales service". When wearing a wedding ring on a daily basis, it may become scratched or warped. During these periods of wear, it is necessary to confirm that there is after-sales service that can be consulted immediately in the event of a problem. Check the warranty period and specific details of support in advance. Among the most important factors to check is the availability of services such as resizing and cleaning. If such services are available, you can rest assured that in the unlikely event that your body shape changes or you want to have your ring cleaned, you can leave it in good hands. To ensure the longevity of your handmade wedding ring, choose a store that offers excellent after-sales service. It is best if the store has the customer's perspective of "for the couple to wear it forever.

If you want to make cheap and safe handmade wedding rings, go to MITUBACI

The best way to get a one-of-a-kind wedding ring at a reasonable price is to make it by hand. In the case of general brands of handmade wedding rings, the cost of materials is not included in the basic price, and the price is usually added according to the weight of the two rings after they are made. The price is set by the width of the ring, and can be made according to the couple's budget. In addition, in order to make the price structure easy for customers to understand, platinum (Pt) is the same price as gold with no additional charge, so you can choose the material of your choice. We also offer free surface finishing and hand-engraving of the ring, which are usually added to the price, and initial resizing and finishing are also included in the basic price.
Depending on the width of the ring, the price for two rings can be around 100,000 yen, so this is recommended for those who want to keep the quality of the product solid and still keep the price reasonable.

If you are on a budget and want to create a high quality wedding ring that you will love, without giving up because of the price, please consider MITUBACI's handmade wedding rings. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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How to get cheap wedding rings? With handmade wedding rings, you can make your own wedding rings for two people in the world at a reasonable price within your budget!
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