Common Mistakes for Handmade Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings|Countermeasures and Tips To Avoid Regrets

Tips To Avoiding Wedding Ring Regrets

MITUBACI Handmade Wedding Bands

Choosing a piece of jewelry you will love for a lifetime can be challenging. While making your own wedding jewelry with your loved one can be a meaningful experience, here are some points to note in handmade wedding rings. Learn more about the examples of failure and countermeasures in this article to help you prepare for your handmade wedding bands so that you won’t have any regrets!

Pros & Cons of Handmade Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

Pros of Handmade Wedding Jewelry

The advantages of handmade wedding and engagement rings:

The One and Only in the World

The greatest advantage of handmade wedding and engagement rings is that they are one of a kind. At MITUBACI, one can choose from elements such as material, ring width, textures, and further personalize with engravings. Every ring also turns out unique under the hands of different makers.


Handmade wedding bands are less expensive than ready-made ones. Moreover, handmade wedding bands give you flexibility in designing your jewelry to meet your budget. In addition, their originality makes them special which is why many people choose them over those ready-made at the counters.

An Unparalleled Sentiment

Wedding bands and engagement rings represent lifelong love and commitment. Regardless of their designs, they are valuable and hold great sentiments for the wearer. Having said that, your wedding jewelry will be even more special if you make it yourself.

A Comfortable Fit

Rings can be made via the Tanzō forging method or the lost-wax casting method. At MITUBACI, we use the Tanzō forging method on our rings as it allows more fine-tuning on the size for a more comfortable fit on your finger, especially for in-between ring sizes. It also lends more durability to the jewelry so that your wedding rings can last a lifetime.

A Lasting Memory

Besides, making your wedding rings with your partner is also a memorable experience as you pour your feelings and efforts into your wedding jewelry. Furthermore, our staff can help you take pictures of the processes, which you can use for your wedding, as a story to tell or reminisce about those times years later.

Cons of Handmade Wedding Jewelry

Not for the Brand-conscious

Handmade rings are not for you if you are particular about brands or have been yearning for designs from a certain jeweler. It is always best to check with your partner on their preferences.

Worrying about Inadequate After-sales Services

It may be more challenging to locate a store that offers handmade wedding jewelry as there are fewer such stores than ready-made ones. The lack of handmade jewelry stores also makes one worry that there could be inadequate after-sales services for handmade wedding bands. If you live far away and wish to send it for repair or maintenance, it is safer to find an atelier that undertakes such requests by mail delivery.

Reasons To Choose MITUBACI for Handmade Wedding Rings

Wide Selection of Metals and Textures

MITUBACI offers 5 precious metals: 18k yellow gold, rose gold, champagne gold, lime gold, and platinum for you to customize your very own wedding bands or engagement ring. The champagne gold and lime gold are popular MITUBACI originals.

Paired with our various selection of textures and finishes, you can create your personalized wedding bands with us by combining different elements.

Alternatively, you can opt for more refined touches with metal lathe finishes!

Simple Pricing

The price of your wedding ring is determined by the choice of materials and options available for your ring. MITUBACI price simulator gives you an idea of the cost of your jewelry before you visit us!

Attentive After-sales Services

MITUBACI provides lifetime jewelry maintenance and cleaning. We also offer maintenance by mail so that you can enjoy these services even if you live far away. We also rent out ring sizer gauge for free.

First time resizing is free of charge.

How Much Should You Spend on Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands?

Wedding Ring Budget Varies Across Individuals

Forget the "2~3 months' salary" rule invented by some marketers. When deciding on how much to spend on an engagement ring or wedding band, you may wish to consider:
- your partner's expectations
- your financial situation

Be open to looking at different stores to learn more about the designs you like, and get an idea of their pricing. Alternatively, search the Internet or even contact the stores to inquire about pricing without visiting the stores! Have an honest conversation with your partner about expectations and finances, and create your own rules by working around your budget.

See MITUBACI's price list and try our online price simulator to get an idea of the pricing! Please feel free to also contact us via phone or email for inquiries.

Wedding Ring Budget Varies Across Age Groups

One's financial situation varies at different ages and even within the same age group. As people have differing ideas about ways to spend their money, please use the information in this article only as a reference.

Take Materials into Consideration

Premium wedding ring quality rings

Typically, engagement and wedding rings are made of platinum or gold. These precious metals are easier to work on, durable, beautiful, and therefore widely used for jewelry commemorating milestones. As precious metals are expensive, the processes required to turn these metals into jewelry are naturally costly as well. You can keep the price of your platinum or gold ring lower by:
- picking a slender ring with minimal details
- considering rings without diamonds or gemstones

Some people make their wedding bands in silver. Although less durable than platinum or gold, it works as an alternative.

Mistakes People Make when Shopping for Handmade Wedding Bands

Despite wanting to create a memorable experience, some couples are filled with regrets after making their handmade wedding rings.

Not Understanding the Differences in Making Methods

Casting and forging are typical methods of making a wedding ring. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages that need to be understood first before you decide which suits you better.

Rings Made by the Lost Wax Casting Process

The casting method is also known as “wax casting” or “lost wax casting.” This method is used widely in mass production. While this method can create delicate details, it is not as durable as the forging method.

Rings Made by the Forging Method (Tanzō)

On the other hand, the forging process shapes the ring by forging the metal. This is perfect for couples who want durable rings. Moreover, the rings may be completed on the same day as the point of order in the hands of dedicated craftsmen. The forging process is also more affordable. However, it is not suitable for designs with intensive detailing. Rather, this method is recommended for simple and durable wedding band designs.

✅ At MITUBACI, our jewelry are made with the Tanzō forging method.

Not Doing More Research in Making Methods

It is important to find out what jewelry-making methods your choice of atelier employs before deciding if they are right for you. You will avoid having regrets with adequate understanding of what you want and what the atelier can achieve.

Click here to find out more about the Tanzō forging method.

Overlooking Hidden Costs

Unlike ready-made wedding rings which have a fixed price, the price of handmade wedding rings may vary according to your choice of material or additional elements. Pricing for handmade wedding rings varies across ateliers. While some ateliers are upfront with their pricing, others may have unexpected hidden costs that come as a shock to customers.

Conscientious ateliers make every effort to ensure that the pricing for their handmade wedding bands is easily understood by, for example, having a price simulator on their websites. Once the customers are clear about the pricing, they can proceed with making their wedding rings with ease.

✅ Bringing to you reasonable pricing at our full-fledged atelier.

Pricing at MITUBACI is made transparent so that you can plan within your budget and know what to expect when choosing materials, ring width, and additional options. Moreover, textures and hand engraving details are factorized in the base pricing too! Please feel free to check with our staff if you have any inquiry.

The pricing for engagement rings often varies as it is determined by the choice and quality of the gemstone(s). For instance, the price of diamond changes even with a slight difference of 0.01grams. Other factors such as cut, color, clarity, and carat will also affect its price.

Diamonds at MITUBACI are carefully selected to meet our grading standards so that the price does not change drastically.

Overlooking Design Details

Consider Your Lifestyle Before Choosing a Ring

When people design their own wedding bands, they tend to overlook practicality and comfort by overdoing. They may turn out incompatible to their lifestyle or flashy for everyday use. As wedding bands symbolize the bond between people, it is important to choose a design that you can wear for a long time.

A Simpler and Classic Design Goes a Long Way

One important thing to note when deciding on the design of your ring is to keep it simple. We also recommend the Tanzō forging method for rings to have better durability. In addition, you may want to try numerous ring designs to find one that is (or closest to) your ideal.

Not Quite the Jewelry-making You Imagined

Jewelry-making Processes Do Not Meet Expectations

Some couples are dissatisfied with the jewelry-making processes.

For example, despite the processes being difficult, there was little or no support from the staff and the quality of the finished products suffered. On the other hand, some couples find that only a small percentage of jewelry-making can be done by themselves, leaving them with some regrets that the experience was too brief or insufficient. Unfortunately, there are also cases where the staff do not listen to requests, nor do they have professional knowledge of jewelry-making and just follow the manuals. If the work is completed without explanation or understanding its meanings, it will not be as memorable for the couple.

Research on Jeweler Beforehand

It is important to find a trustworthy atelier. Check out their websites, social media, reviews, or even contact the atelier directly to inquire.

✅ MITUBACI craftsmen will guide you throughout workshops

At MITUBACI, our craftsmen will explain the processes to the couple who can then consider whether they wish to make their own jewelry or leave it to the professionals before proceeding with jewelry-making. The couple may also choose to leave more challenging DIY processes to our craftsman along the way. The meticulous assistance and follow-up by our artisans help to ensure your wedding jewelry is completed in high quality.

Poor After-sales Services

Over years of wearing, your wedding rings are bound to get scratched or go out of shape at some point. Couples tend to regret handmade wedding rings if the after-sales services are poor or inadequate.

Therefore, it is vital to find an atelier available for consultation and support, no matter how trivial your concerns may seem.

After-sales services vary across ateliers, so one should do their homework, compare and contrast before making a decision. When choosing ateliers, it is crucial to understand and compare as many topics of interest as possible, such as warranty periods, resizing fees, and cleaning services.

✅ MITUBACI offers free first-time resizing and a lifetime warranty of maintenance and cleaning for your wedding rings.

In a Nutshell,
Handmade Wedding Bands or Engagement Rings Are Recommended for

People Who Want To Create Fond Memories, Literally

The quality time spent with your partner creating your wedding bands or each other's ring is priceless. Every detail of the shared experience, from choosing designs together to making mistakes, becomes a cherished memory. Videos and photographs taken during your workshop processes are also full of reminiscences.

People Who Love DIY

Handmade wedding bands and engagement rings also provide an enjoyable experience for people who like crafts, DIY, or working with tools and equipment.

People Who Cannot Find Something They Love in Ready-made Selections

With ready-made rings, the designs come as they are, and it may be difficult or impossible, in some cases, to have your preferred material and design elements combined.

Whereas in handmade wedding bands and engagement rings, most stores can make your rings in the width you desire, in the design, and in the material you want.

Those who wish to have wedding and engagement rings that are meticulously put together should consider making them by hand.

Features of MITUBACI Handmade Wedding Ring Course

Ready on the Same Day as Making

All artisans at MITUBACI are professionals and veterans with many years of jewelry-making experience. Minor modifications to your ring design can be made on the spot so that you can take it home on the same day as your workshop experience!

Transparent Pricing

At MITUBACI, all pricing are listed on the web and can be simulated in advance. We strive to let customers have a peace of mind that there are no hidden or undetermined costs. Regardless of the fluctuation of cost of precious metals day-to-day, our pricing remains unaffected. We will make announcements in advance for any price changes. If you have any concerns or questions about our pricing, please feel free to contact us before your visit.

Wedding Bands and Engagement Ring You Won't Regret

The above-mentioned are suggestions to avoid regrets when choosing suitable wedding jewelry. If handmade wedding bands or engagement ring is for you, MITUBACI promises to deliver satisfying quality and workshop experience with the support of our professional craftsmen, and provide full after-sales support. Feel free to consult us through our website or on LINE to learn more about our services.

MITUBACI Handmade Wedding Band Workshop

MITUBACI (Mitsubachi) is a handmade ring workshop in Sangenjaya, Tokyo.
In our atelier, where we have been working with custom-made wedding rings for over 50 years, professional metal engravers will guide you through the process of creation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Handmade Wedding and Engagement Rings

I am in a hurry. How many days will it take to finish the ring?

Typically, your rings can be collected on the same day as your workshop. However, some designs may take longer and can only be collected days later.

It is my first time making a ring. Will it turn out nice?

Our skilled artisans will assist you throughout, so please be assured that even beginners can achieve a beautiful ring. If you find some jewelry-making processes too challenging, our artisans can complete those processes in your stead.

Can I sign up for the workshop alone?

Yes! We conduct workshops for one person too. Many of our engagement ring sign-ups visit the store alone.

Testimonials for Handmade Wedding Ring Workshop

Testimonials for Handmade Engagement Ring Workshop

Common Mistakes for Handmade Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings|Countermeasures and Tips To Avoid Regrets
Experience the handmade.

All of MITUBACI handmade jewelry courses are conducted by professional artisans.
All our final prices are indicated on our website for your consideration with ease.


Refer to the price list on our website for a detailed breakdown with no hidden cost.